Bug Fixes

#1484097 (Bug #89648, #89890) ** The db.sendq entries for a failed parallel sync are now immediately removed from db.sendq.

#1474546 (Bug #89677) ** 'p4 admin stop/restart' could cause a server crash if the new configurable 'db.monitor.interval' had been set.

#1473097 (Bug #89657) ** 'p4d -xx' could incorrectly declare "db.workingx/db.revsh inconsistencies found," and incorrectly generate jnl.fix records, in some situations where multiple shelves existed for the same files.

#1471274 (Bug #89336) ** 'p4 add ...' could generate many "Error object passed to database" errors and fail to terminate when MaxScanRows or MaxLockTime has been reached. This could also happen with 'p4 reconcile' or 'p4 status'. This behavior has been fixed.