Bug Fixes

#1395783 (Bug #86930) ** Setting auth.autologinprompt=0 will disable the automatic login prompting feature.

#1395197 (Bug #25700) ** 'p4 info' against a server configured to use P4AUTH would always return userName *unknown* in tagged output mode. The P4AUTH server is now contacted to check if the user exists: this only applies for tagged output mode when the '-s' flag is not provided.

#1394382 (Bug #86755) ** Trying to send a large (>1GB) message to the client would cause a communication hang between the client and server.

#1394035 (Bug #86785) ** A ctrl-C (or client failure) of a 'p4 edit' command against an Edge Server could leave orphaned lock records of +l files - should the dropped client connection not be caught in time.

#1391673 (Bug #86740) ** ChangeView mappings for depot paths that are mapped to the client, but are partially overridden would cause those overridden paths to be considered readonly. This has been fixed.

#1391182 (Bug #86031) ** 'p4 reshelve' failed to copy db.resolvex records correctly. This prevented files opened for move from being reshelved and the unshelved. This has been fixed.

#1388564 (Bug #86608) * A command-line alias may now use 'p4subst' to replace a pattern with the empty string ("").

#1387597 (Bug #86513) * Defining a command-line alias for a tagged-mode command fails with the error "command did not return a spec."