Bug Fixes

#1404274 (Bug #87179) ** Fixed a performance problem introduced by change 1227849 when syncing a large number of files to #0 with some opened for move.

#1401824 (Bug #87006) ** Setting dm.changeview.openable=1 will allow files restricted by a changeView to be opened with the pre-16.1 behavior. These files can be opened and shelved, but cannot be submitted.

#1398982 (Bug #87036) ** Comments in the protections table no longer cause gaps in the tagged output of 'p4 protect -o'. See p4apinotest.txt more details.

#1397598 (Bug #86850) ** It is no longer legal to define a depot named "..".

#1396903 (Bug #86855) ** Multi-threaded applications using the same connection could disrupt the flow control of long running commands like submit. This change prevents the server from executing any more callbacks as soon as the problem is detected.