Bug Fixes

#1411350 (Bug #81360) ** A 'p4 fetch' command which transferred both a text (RCS) file whose archive was already present in the destination server and a lazy copy of that file, would leave the lazy copy corrupt. 'p4 verify' would report 'MISSING!' and requests for the file's content would report 'RCS checkout failed!'.

#1410893 (Bug #87181) ** Correct the digest used to ensure that content is transferred correctly to commands within triggers (such as a 'change-content' trigger) when submitting a shelf. A shelf is implicitly submitted to the commit server when a submit is run on an edge server.

#1410428 (Bug #87304) ** On Windows when running a .exe trigger from the depot, the Server may fail to remove the temporary .exe file. This has been corrected.

#1409450 (Bug #87294) ** 'p4 clean' would not delete files that were not present in the depot if they were in an area of the client workspace mapped to a read-only path: mapped by a ChangeView entry, a ditto mapping or mapped to a remote depot. New files under these paths are now deleted by 'p4 clean'.

#1407749 (Bug #87327) ** Deleting a pending change with an Identity, or deleting an empty committed change with an Identity, incorrectly failed to delete the database record in the db.changeidx table.