Bug Fixes

#1565967 (Bug #91885) ** Submitting a moved 'utf8' file using a pre-15.2 client no longer results in a missing archive.

#1564021 (Bug #92442) ** 'p4 resolve' now has an undoc flag '-dx' which can be used to make the 3-way merge algorithm perform more like the unix 'diff3 -m' merge. Typically merge tends to remove duplicate lines in adjacent inserts from 'theirs' and 'yours', with this flag all the lines in the inserts from both legs of the merge will be inserted.

#1550657 (Bug #92435) ** User not able to submit an open stream with a file change on a edge server. This is now fixed.

#1549763 (Bug #92443) ** Users auto-created by 'p4 login' would not have the Update time set in the user spec. This has now been fixed.