Major Enhancements

#1241320 (Bug #66921) Enhanced the Perl trigger to run under Windows. There is now a single trigger script for all supported server platforms.

#1239352 (Bug #70542) Introduced a search box that looks for projects, users and files. A search input now appears in the top-right of the toolbar and searches as you type. Results are grouped by type. It looks for projects, users and files that match your keywords. Project and user searches use Swarm's cache. File searches use 'p4 fstat' and P4 Search (if it is installed).

#1230860, #1240881 (Bug #64899) Email notifications for review comments can now be delayed and sent in a single batch email later. The add comment form now has a 'Delay Notification' checkbox. When a new comment is posted with this box checked, the email notification is delayed until a comment is posted with the box unchecked.

Minor Enhancements

#1241441 (Bug #79003) Added a PHP 5.6 build of P4PHP. All P4PHP builds have now been updated to use P4API 2015.1/1240625

#1241268 (Bug #81066) Updated to the new hex-shaped Swarm logo.

#1237763, #1239247 (Bug #77648) The 'My Reviews' button now filters reviews to show only those authored by the current user. Added a new author filter to the list reviews API endpoint (GET /api/v1.2/reviews). This bumps the version for all endpoints to v1.2.

#1231387, #1231395 (Bug #78004) The project sidebar now displays owners and moderators.

#1229476, #1230017, #1230262, #1230490 (Bug #80185) The test status tooltip now shows when the results were reported. Internally, Swarm now tracks the start time and average running duration for automated tests.

#1219887 (Bug #80322) Improved handling of multiple or out-of-order test results. Previously the last result would win. Now results for old versions are rejected and we preserve the results of the first failure if we receive multiple results for a given version of a review.

#1215329 (Bug #81449) We now show a hard-disk icon for depots when browsing the root of a server (previously depots were represented with a folder icon).

#1214788 (Bug #81450) Moved the logout link to the bottom of the user dropdown menu.

Bug Fixes

#1241158, #1247062 (Bug #81061) Fixed a bug where sub-groups that reference parent groups caused infinite recursion and exhausted all memory.

#1240050 (Bug #81042) Fixed a bug where the Perl trigger script could emit a 'Use of uninitialized value' error when the config file was not specified.

#1235955, #1236887 (Bug #80784) Fix a bug where file downloads were not always streamed resulting in excessive memory consumption. This was due to output being double buffered in some cases. We now clear all output buffers when streaming output.

#1231393 (Bug #81458) Fixed a bug where the number of moderators was not being displayed next to each branch on the project edit form.

#1230829 (Bug #80351) Fixed a 404 that could occur when marking a file as read when diffing two versions of a review if the file was previously shelved and had since been removed from the review.

#1230827 (Bug #80538) Fixed an illegal offset warning that could occur when diffing two versions of a review. This would happen if a file that existed in the earlier shelved version of the review was removed in the later version.

#1228298 (Bug #80404) Fixed a regression bug where the follow project link did not work.

#1225869 (Bug #80501) Fixed a layout issue that occurred if the text input for inline comments was resized horizontally. Now the text input can only be resized vertically.

#1220502, #1220960, #1222664 (Bug #77401) Fixed problems that affected the extensibility of the Linkify filter. The last word variable is now updated and passed correctly to Linkify callbacks.

#1216034, #1235980, #1241414 (Bug #80348) Pending comments are now preserved when comments are refreshed while editing a comment or adding a comment from the comments tab.