Major Enhancements

#1308891, #1308998, #1309707, #1310199 (Bug #63187) Users can now add groups as project members. All members of these groups (or any of their subgroups) become members of the project. Any changes to these groups are automatically reflected in the project. This is designed to ease user management.

#1308890 (Bug #71597) You can now diff arbitrary versions of a review. Previously you were limited to comparing consecutive versions of a review. The version slider can be pulled apart to span a range of versions. If you grab the connector then both version markers will move in lockstep.

#1307207, #1308095 (Bug #78222) Added packages for RHEL/CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 14.04.

#1265420, #1308568, #1309189 (Bug #66264) The user's profile page now has a tab for shelved changes. This makes it easier to request reviews of shelved changes or to see the review status of changes that are in progress.

Minor Enhancements

#1309162, #1309659, #1309729 (Bug #77809) Introduced a button to show whitespace characters (space and tab) in diff output. When enabled these characters appear as muted dots and arrows respectively.

#1255119 (Bug #84195) Added support for previewing the Keynote, Pages and Numbers document formats via the LibreOffice module.

Bug Fixes

#1316264 (Bug #84197) Fixed a bug in the Perl trigger where posting to Swarm could fail on Windows Perforce Servers. This would only occur when wget was installed but curl was not.

#1307838 (Bug #83660) Fixed a bug where links in RSS feeds did not work in some feed readers. RSS feeds now use the fully qualified Swarm URL.

#1306055 (Bug #83608) Fixed a bug introduced by the 'edit_branches_admin_only' option. When enabled, this feature unintentionally restricted editing of projects to administrators.

#1265682 (Bug #83602) Fixed a bug in the Perl trigger script where the strict check erroneously prevented committing a review in some cases. Specifically: reviews with a single file marked for delete and reviews with moved files.

#1265015 (Bug #83589) Fixed an issue where Swarm did not recognize the new utf8 file type as text and therefore failed to render diffs and previews.

#1262908 (Bug #77369) Fixed a bug where +l files were silently dropped from reviews. Note this fix requires Perforce Server version 2014.2 or newer with the filetype.bypasslock server configurable enabled.

#1261960 (Bug #83277) Fixed a performance problem that could occur if the .git-fusion depot contained changes with more than 10k files.

#1255309 (Bug #84196) Adjusted the styling of text file previews so that the page does not shift around when syntax highlighting large files.