Major Enhancements

#411110 (Bug #051679) Streams Integration with Eclipse: Support Streams list and hierarchical views. This is a new feature that lets you create and edit stream specs in the new P4 Streams view. The behavior of the stream view can be customized in the preference page.

#424635 (Bug #051683) Implement copy and merge functionality for stream in p4eclipse. The stream-based copy and merge actions are available in the context menu of both the P4 Connections view and the Navigator view. The actions are enabled if the stream is defined in the client spec.

#423599 (Bug #051684) Support Action Resolve in p4eclipse. This enables users to resolve action-based conflicts in addition to the content-based conflicts.

#402877 (Bug #051687) Add sandbox configuration wizard to p4eclipse. This enables you to configure and start a sandbox server by using P4Sandbox-config (from P4v). The wizard can be launched from the context menu (Configure Sandbox) of the P4 Connections view.

#404244 (Bug #051874) Add support SSL protocol in P4Eclipse. To connect to an SSL-enabled server, use a port setting such as ssl:localhost:1666 * Check the "Known Limitations" for possible SSL issues.

Minor Enhancements

#413726 (Bug #051688) Supports 2 new fields in client spec: StreamAtChange and ServerID. These fields require a Perforce Server at release 2012.1 or higher.

#418087 (Bug #052083) Replace streams list combo dialog with something more friendly. Users may now enter and search streams in the client spec (workspace) dialog.

Bug Fixes

#424635 (Bug #052615) Setting rmdir option now removes the empty directory when removing project from eclipse workspace.

#467227 (Bug #055907) File Properties dialog now can list Perforce properties.

#467220, #468846, #467847 (Bug #055514) Resolve now works with 2009 server.

#467847 (Bug #056242) Users can connect to 2009.2 servers and create new client workspaces.