#1249319 (Bug #075148) Added a preference to disable marker decoration. This will eliminate marker decoration 'fstat' calls when resources had changed during/after builds.

#1256901 (Bug #083293) Added support for "import+" stream path type mapping.

Bug Fixes

#1248796 (Bug #073813) Removed the redundant P4Collection.refresh() call from the 'sync' action. This second refresh() call unintentionally does a wildcard 'fstat' command from top of the project tree (i.e. //depot/MyProject/...).

#1258491 (Bug #074138) Fixed an issue where "Get latest revision" gets latest but does not display new files. Added a call to refresh local resources after a 'sync' command, which will ensure the workspace displays the newly synced files.

#1261577 (Bug #083414) Fixed a problem with P4Eclipse showing the standard error dialog box instead of the login dialog box when the Perforce connection session has expired.

#1054452 (Bug #078008) Changed 'noclient' to '____CLIENT_UNSET____' as default unset client name. This fix requires P4Java 2015.1 or above.