# (Bug #062160) Opened files not listed alphabetically in 'P4 Pending Changelists' pane. See screenshots in call 3778148 P4Eclipse 2012.3.526908 Reproduced using Eclipse 4.2.0 Customer's version: Eclipse IDE for Java Developers Version Indigo Service Release 2 Build id: 20120216-1857

# (Bug #063026) Unable to login in via a forwarding replica. User is attempting to login via a broker to a replica server and has also tried connecting to the forwarding replica directly. Logging in directly to the master is not an adequate work around due to latency issues and the number of users. Eclipse version: 2012.3.536908

# (Bug #073189) Stream clients run redundant p4 stream -o commands.

# (Bug #074119) Project cannot be imported because of case inconsistencies in their case-insensitive server.

#1375712 (Bug #056409) Mergequest need attach fixed job to the new changelist. The current version can not allow P4V-like "add previous linked job to the new changelist".

# (Bug #063608) Ctrl-f no longer works in P4Eclipse Juno

# (Bug #068223) [P4Connections View] Refresh a folder does not seem to refresh files under it

#1381732 (Bug #068521) Cannot handle stream name with depot part in wrong case Version: 2013.1.662354 When running with a '-C1' linux Perforce server it is possible to create a stream from Windows that has the wrong case for the depot part. For example if depot is called: stream it is possible to create a stream called: //STREAM/Main

#1376436 (Bug #069694) P4 Submitted Changelists tab hangs when the folder/file field contains a Windows path with an upper case "C" (C:). It works with a lower case "c" (c:).

#1373344 (Bug #069888) When using 'Compare with...' on files that have identical names, a new tab doesn't get opened Usually, when you select 'Compare with...' by right-clicking on a file opened for edit, you get a new tab. However if you do that, then 'Compare with...' on another file with the same name, a new tab doesn't get opened - instead focus shifts to the already opened tab for the other file. Worse, the file doesn't change - you're given focus on the wrong file in that tab.

#1376433 1376781 (Bug #073424) RConfusing server information in the enter password pane When being asked for a password, the pane shows information about the master Perforce server not the Perforce server the user is connected to (like a Perforce Broker for example). The P4 connections view shows the expected Perforce server (the Perforce Broker in this instance).

# (Bug #078284) Stream depots not seen in new Perforce workspace

#1365393 (Bug #084344) Customer wants a dashboard like P4V to be able to see summary of most things like: pending changelist Get latest revision number count Window with folder status.