Major Enhancements

#541859 (Bug #58104) ** A progress dialog kicks in on longer submits. When submitting a significant changelist, P4V will report progress on the submit progress. It will count down the number of files, and on larger files as well the progress of that file.

#529223 (Bug #59030) ** P4V now supports 'p4 reconcile'. It also recognizes, and honors P4IGNORE. On both Windows and Linux, users can set their P4IGNORE in their environment. On the Mac Desktop applications do not launch a shell, but P4V will pick it up, if the environment is set using the 'p4 set' command.

#524977 (Bug #59140) New Image Time-lapse tool. Image Time-lapse is a compelling visual tool presenting the lifetime of an image. It runs Time-lapse View in single revision mode and allows the user to slide through the history of an image, showing fading migration from one image view to another. It provides all functionality of time-lapse, displaying the changelists, and allowing the user to open the responsible changelist for more details. When launching it will ask the user for the range of interest, preload this range, and lazy load additional images. The images supported are : psd, png, gif, ico, jpeg, mng, svg, tga, and tiff.

#522362 p4vc now supports viewing/editing form specs. The following commands have been added to p4vc: 'branch', 'change', 'client', 'depot', 'group', 'job', 'label', 'pendingchange', 'protect', 'stream', and 'user'.

#496906 (Bug #58234, #40179) Support for deep annotate (-I) support, has been added to Time-lapse View. Time-lapse View now has a mode that will show the original change's information for a given chunk. In essence, if a change was the result of an integration, rather than a direct change, it will display the change info for the source of the integration. Further, the rev details for that chunk adds a slider that allows you to independently view the history of the chunk to see what files it passed through via integration to arrive at the chunk being inspected.

Minor Enhancements

#552912 (Bug #61245) The submit dialog can be launched from a pending changelist using the key combination ctrl + enter.

#540628 (Bug #60480) Added support for unloaded labels and clients. P4V will no longer connect to an unloaded client. Unloaded labels can be used like normal labels. When filtering labels on path, unloaded labels are always discarded from the result set, because the server cannot retrieve this information. Added support for the autoreload/noautoreload for labels. A flag that can only be set at creation time. See p4 documentation for more information on load/unload, and autoreload/noautoreload.

#538702 (Bug #39629) The checkbox to remove sync'd files that aren't in the label view in the Get Revision dialog now has a sticky setting. If you uncheck it, it will remain unchecked in future uses of the dialog. Default is for the checkbox to be checked.

#532912 (Bug #57357) Drop-down list of workspaces to swap to over the depot/workspace tree now persists between sessions of P4V. The list is limited to the 5 most-recently-used workspaces, and is sorted in most-recently-used order.

#531693 (Bug #58880) Added double-click customization for folders in the depot/workspace tree.

#531006 (Bug #60206) ** Added support for ignore. A new warning dialog will notify users of files ignored by add. There is also a new preference to turn off this warning.

#529223 Added filter to Reconcile Offline. Results can be filtered by file name and path.

#517374 (Bug #56559) Add time zone preference. Forms and file times can be displayed in either server (default) or local time.

#517112 (Bug #58545) The dashboard was a potential source for Performance issues. Any kind of update in P4V could a refresh of the Dashboard contents. In 12.3 we changed this refresh policy. By default, the user asks the Dashboard to refresh by clicking the 'Update now' link. This is the recommended method. The user can alternatively set a refresh rate. When the refresh rate expires, the Dashboard will update and refresh its content.

#507299 (Bug 58631) ** Added a "Work in this stream..." context menu to the stream's root directory folder in the depot tree.

#490243 Depot file information will be retrieved once, and globally stored ( per server ) This improves performance when switching workspaces, by limiting the amount of round trips to retrieve information already gathered. Especially when using Streams, switching workspaces is a breeze.

#480071 Added internationalization and translation support to p4vc.

Bug Fixes

Bug# 58131 Random crashes on the Mac, when minimizing P4V, maximizing, and moving windows. The crashes disappeared by building against a late Qt version, Qt 4.8.3 vs Qt 4.8.1. There is no know Qt issue number related to this job.

#559833 (Bug #59149) Fixed problem where Sandbox could not be used from P4V, when any of the files were of type 'apple'. The sandbox-configure tool will report errors, but no longer fail, when it encounters Perforce files of type 'apple'.

#546996 (Bug #58825) Directories with wildcards in the filename will not appear in the workspace tree. This fixes a crash when they were updated.

#545464 (Bug #58825) P4V will no longer crash when local only files contain multiple instances of "..." in it.

#543635 (Bug #59368) Pending changelists will now correctly refresh when switching workspaces.

#542940 (Bug #56889) Stream graph will no longer display all mainlines across all depots incorrectly under certain circumstances.

#541884 (Bug #60043, #60880) Fixes crash from occurring when closing sync progress dialog.

#538688 (Bug #60578) When using "Show in..." on various objects in p4v (revisions, workspace to depot tree, etc) application focus will now change to the selected files in the depot/workspace tree correctly. This caused commands to not enable properly.

#536192 (Bug #59842) When pressing '+' or '-' to add a new row in the Job Query Builder, automatically center vertically on the new row.

#535476 (Bug #56609) ** Fixed case where branching files or populating a new stream would not show previewed files correctly.

#535452 (Bug #60239) Check all button in the select changelists to integrate tab of the merge/copy/branch dialogs now correctly reflects the state of the checkboxes in the list.

#535385 (Bug #60454) ** Prevent p4v from running any form list calls with the -E flag when the server doesn't support it.

#534021 (Bug #60141) Fix crash in the file history pane when the labels rev details tab is showing.

#532950 (Bug #59988) Rolling back a change that contained moved files would result in a second, empty, pending changelist created when moving the files to a new changelist. It won't do that anymore.

#532700 (Bug #60283, #59922) Unshelving a locked file behavior altered slightly. If the file is locked due to filetype +l, this will fail as it should. But if the file is merely locked via p4 lock, it will no longer fail. Attempting to submit the file before the previous lock is released will still fail.

#531972 (Bug #59906) Fixed unexpected quit on Mac when accessing connection assistant from the top level menu item with no other open connections.

#531029 (Bug #60116) Fixed bug in get revision from the folder history pane. Now uses the selected path as the limit, and the change as the revision specifier.

#529995 (Bug #39517) New pending change dialog will now correctly display changelists that are changed in a server trigger.

#529361 (Bug #32591) P4V handles type aliases (ctempobj) properly now. The change filetype dialog will correctly populate with the appropriate values.

#525932 (Bug #51645) Add the baseParent to the list of preferred source streams in the merge/copy dialog in the following cases: 1. In merge operations to dev streams with a virtual parent, when the baseParent is not the parent. 2. In copy operations to release streams with a virtual parent, when the baseParent is not the parent.

#525145 (Bug #58980) Attempted fix to calling render.exe when a showing a tooltip for a Maya file.

#523908 (Bug #58875) Execute workspace filter for workspace selection when launching the workspace selection picker.

#529995 (Bug #39517) Fix bug where form-out trigger changelist descriptions were being lost or overlayed when performing "Move to Another Changelist...".

#520762 (Bug #50677) P4Admin will properly save a new user form with multiple lines in the review field.

#520649 (Bug #51881) P4V will no longer prompt when deleting a single pending changelist. If it has files the server will not delete it.

#520647 (Bug #51882) The Ok button is disabled when associating a file with a new pending changelist. This prevents multiple changelists from being created.

#520429 (Bug #59250) Remove ZeroConf from P4V.

#520434 (Bug #27928) The submit dialog will now close when a commit-change trigger fails. The changelist is still submitted in this case.

#520166 (Bug #32591) Added support for ctempobj in the Change Filetype dialog.

#519067 (Bug #59420) Moved the "Switch to workspace immediately" and "Automatically get latest revisions" toggles out of the tabs on workspace form.

#516737 (Bug #54861) Choosing Get Revision on a submitted changelist no longer results in no such files error.

#508052 (Bug #50192) Branch dialog progress reports step count correctly.

#493924 (Bug #57999) ** Merge dialog now correctly reports the error when attempting to integrate one half of a move pair of files.

#489109 (Bug #55558) Workspaces with no host field will show up as available when filtering by workspaces available to be used on the current machine.