Major Enhancements

#584055, #581374, #579558 (Bug #60844) ** Added support to submit shelved files in a Pending Change without unshelving the files first.

#577353 ** Added support for 2013.1 task streams to P4V. Task streams are streams that implement lightweight branching. Files are branched but not actually integrated until they are promoted (by doing an edit/delete/rename or add).

#550213 ** The 2013.1 server provides a property table. This table can be used to push some P4V settings centrally. P4V currently recognizes two namespaces, P4V.Performance and P4V.Features.

The following Performance parameters are supported: P4V.Performance.FetchCount = <int value> P4V.Performance.MaxFiles = <int value> P4V.Performance.MaxPreviewSize = <int value> P4V.Performance.ServerRefresh = <int value>

The following Features can be turned off centrally: P4V.Features.Integration = On/Off P4V.Features.Labeling = On/Off P4V.Features.Jobs = On/Off P4V.Features.RevisionGraph = On/Off P4V.Features.Timelapse = On/Off P4V.Features.CustomTools = On/Off P4V.Features.Administration = On/Off P4V.Features.ConnectionWizard = On/Off P4V.Features.Workspaces = On/Off P4V.Features.Sandbox = On/Off P4V.Features.DashBoard = On/Off P4V.Features.P4Applets = On/Off P4V.Features.Streams = On/Off

Minor Enhancements

#584499 (Bug #62450, #62450) Image Time-lapse View now has its own preference page. You can now choose not to launch Image Time-lapse View for any of the supported image extensions.

#577502 (Bug #62619) Old style preferences from P4V 2010.2 and older are no longer carried over to the P4V 2011.1 and later style preferences.

#566747 (Bug #56383, 60191) ** Certain visuals in the stream graph are now customizable. Among them are the width of each stream node and whether or not to display the stream name or the stream root path.

#557991 (Bug #50610, #62895) Filters in the tabs of P4V have undergone some UI revamping. They now take up less space and are more consistent looking. Elements in the filter will no longer be squished.

Bug Fixes

#604819 (Bug #63929) p4vc now supports Time-lapse View launched with Japanese filenames.

#597121 (Bug #63918) Loading a saved filter from the Search menu now shows correct results.

#591795 (Bug #62708) The Stream Picker dialog is initialized with a depot filter used to return all streams. It shows the correct filtered results now.

#587318 (Bug #63137) The Copy dialog could report changes to be copied up, when such is not the case.

#585164 (Bug #61653) Typo "WIndows" in New Workspace dialog fixed.

#584592 (Bug #62714) Parenthesis no longer missing on Dashboard merge task when only one change needs merging.

#584471 (Bug #62939) File Path Builder now reads and writes revision range correctly.

#573606 (Bug #62711, #62325, #61803) P4V menus again recognized when running Revision Graph.

#568633 (Bug #62201) File icons in Workspace or Depot Tree will now update after submitting them.

#567874 (Bug #61256) Bookmarks on depot files will now be much more responsive when there is a hosts entry on the machine that is the same as the depot portion of the path.

#553086 (Bug #60164) Fixed problem of double entries showing up in the Revert dialog.

#544153 (Bug #61117) Fixed support for files with special characters when using reconcile.