Major Enhancements

#634642 ** Added the ability to unload/reload labels, workspaces, and task streams. Unloading is done via contextual commands on the form objects themselves. Reloading is accessed by a separate dialog launched using a button on the tab for the appropriate form type. An 'unloaded' dialog opens with the unloaded forms allowing you to then reload them.

#627501 (Bug #21348) ** Added a "Check for Updates" menu option under the Help menu. This feature is enabled by default, but can be disabled by admins. To disable, set the property: P4V.Features.CheckForUpdates = On/Off (which requires Perforce Server 2013.1 or later).

It is on by default. Admins can also set a maximum version hint. We call it "hint" because it does not restrict the user from using a newer version of P4V against the server, but the checking for an update will not report a newer version than the one set in the hint. This value is set by the property: P4V.Features.MaxAllowedVersion = <int value> where the int value should be a changelist number equal to the maximum allowed version. If that value is set to 60000 and the latest current version is 65000, the user will get the message that there is no available update if the user is already at version 60000. If the user is at 60000 and the current live version is 70000, but the admin has set the max value to 65000, then the user will get a message that there is a newer version available, but their administrator has set a different maximum, and they should contact their administrator for the proper version.

Minor Enhancements

#655686 The Configure Sandbox menu option will not appear if P4Sandbox is not installed in the same directory as P4V.

#633083 (Bug #65342) There is now a help button (small question mark in upper right) on the resolve dialog which takes the user to contextual help on resolving files in P4V.

#623072 (Bug #62600) Revision graph's menu now has an 'Exit' option to quit P4V. #611801 (Bug #31961) Ctrl|Command+9 and Ctrl|Command+0 now switch to and swap focus to the depot and workspace tree respectively by default. These hotkeys are customizable via the Preference dialog.

Bug Fixes

#657806 (Bug #66743) Fixed crash when syncing files with two windows of P4V open using different workspaces, but the same user/server.

#657759 (Bug #66821) Fixed "Filter" showing up multiple times in the dropdown for default tab settings in the Copy and Branch dialogs. Also fixed never being able to properly set "Submit" as the default tab to show in those dialogs.

#655221 (Bug #66624) Fix hang when a populate fails due to a trigger validation failure.

#653153 (Bug #66640) ** Fix a crash when connecting to a 2010.2 server using a workspace that contains only non-depot files.

#653133 (Bug #23738, #66297) Fixing corruption of certain Japanese characters when saving the results of a merge.

#652891 (Bug #66367) If you install P4V in a different location than the previous install, it would not find the help files, or instead, display the help files from the previous installation if still present.

#650866 (Bug #66579) Fix problem where UI can become unresponsive when attempting to use address bar to navigate to a path that doesn't exist in the depot multiple times in a row.

#650618 (Bug #66525) ** If you have a property set that turns off a feature in P4V, for example P4V.Features.Streams = Off, it correctly turns off the functionality for that server. But any new connections using that instance of P4V would also have that functionality turned off, even if the property wasn't set for the newly-connected server.

#647061 (Bug #66420) Fixed problem attempting to submit a shelved change with open files. If you chose to revert open files, the revert would not prompt if the files had changed even when the preference to warn on revert was set.

#643545 (Bug #66281, #66366) Fixed crash in the merge/copy/branch dialogs and fixed case where an incorrect common path could be generated from files in a changelist. #642940 (Bug #66269) Filtering icons at the top of the tabs will no longer be partially squished.

#636516 (Bug #62147) Fixed case where the user is unable to create a new stream on a fresh server install which has had its streams depot created, but no other streams created yet.

#636448 (Bug #65250, #41021) Jobs can once again be edited when the display date preference is set to show 'server time' without getting errors about modifying read-only fields.

#634635 (Bug #65529) ** Task streams will now only be checked by default in the stream graph filter when they were created by the current user.

#634578 (Bug #63607) Fixed case where Ctrl|Command+d would appear to stop working periodically. The problem was that multiple diff windows got opened and occasionally one would get stuck behind P4V thus becoming un-clickable and appear to make P4V unusable.

#633185 (Bug #65301) Opening windows using p4vc will no longer overwrite preferences set in a running session of P4V.

#632855 (Bug #62536) Cancelling a submit no longer closes the submit dialog.

#632559 (Bug #62533) Fixed a case where P4V could appear to hang when the user has a submit dialog open, then something outside P4V causes the submit to fail, and before the next P4V refresh occurs the user submits the change.

#632509 (Bug #65837) Filter summary now correctly displays when filter text contains HTML characters such as '<'.

#632280 (Bug #62410) Depot tree updates properly after files are branched.

#632142 (Bug #42867) Map to workspace view command works with paths that contain spaces.

#632114 (Bug #65814) Streams will no longer change displaying the stream root versus the stream nickname in the stream graph when P4V refreshes.

#631228 (Bug #48330) Diff against workspace file now works for files shelved for 'add'. Also removed the option to diff against source on those files as there is no source for an added file in the server.

#628568 (Bug #65622) Change access key on "Do not submit if resolved files have been modified" to 'u' so as to not conflict with the 'v' in "Save".

#627975 (Bug #65580) ** Hide option to submit a shelved change when not running against a 2013.1 or later server.

#627791 (Bug #62154) Fixed a bug when swapping between streams using the same workspace by editing the workspace's stream field, we were not properly taking advantage of the smart sync, resulting in re-syncing all the files even when not necessary.

#625968 (Bug #64498) ** Pending changelist badges for files needing resolves now correctly update. A 2013.1 server is needed to see this fix.

#625023 (Bug #65333) Attempting to run a diff on the checked out revision in Revision Graph no longer causes a P4V crash.

#623950 (Bug #65206) Fixed translation of column headers in P4V.

#623207 (Bug #63368) Shelved files properly refresh when viewing the pending changelist of a different user/workspace.

#623045 (Bug #62461) Disallow commas when specifying changelist and revision numbers.

#622970 (Bug #60481) ** Correct wording on error message when attempting to switch connection to an unloaded workspace. There is no p4 load command, it's p4 reload.

#622519 (Bug #19202) Use proper Windows slashes on path after browsing to pick the workspace root folder in the workspace dialog.

#622278 (Bug #65127) p4vc will no longer crash when run with an unknown command.

#621427 (Bug #65667, #65113) Merge/Copy/Branch dialogs will no longer produce a bad common path when integrating using a changelist. When this happened, it could crash P4V.

#618966 (Bug #64999) ** Creating a task stream that lives in a different depot than its parent no longer causes the stream graph to re-filter on the depot the task stream lives in.

#618860 (Bug #64475) Don't ask the user twice if they want to edit a stream when it is owned by another user and/or locked.

#618243 (Bug #62681) ** Unloaded task streams will no longer cause error dialog spam in the stream graph.

#618038 (Bug #64791) ** Don't mark labels unloaded when they aren't.

#618011 (Bug #58586) Fixed crash when using "Open recent" to a connection using a streams workspace.

#617636 (Bug #65697, #64247) P4V does not crash when running Reconcile Offline Work against a renamed file. This also fixes a problem where .p4ignore was not being properly honored.

#617477 (Bug #64894) Corrected header for the 'Host' column in the Submitted Changelists tab.

#616022 (Bug #55722) Eliminated "Path is not under client's root" error message when switching workspaces and then viewing the History tab.