Major Enhancements

#662752 (Bug #66993) ** Added 2013.1 server feature allowing users to unshelve files into a different branch or stream than they were shelved from. Shelved files can be unshelved directly from parent stream. They can also be unshelved from a non-parent stream or a different depot using branch mapping.

Minor Enhancements

#688931 (Bug #61407) Added a context menu option on submitted changelists to sync the revisions that are in the changelist. This is the equivalent of running "Get this revision" on every revision in the changelist.

#687034 (Bug #67820) Due to a performance issue with p4 list, some changes were required for the sync progress dialog. Now instead of showing full file counts to be sync'd, it shows counts per selected path, but the percent complete is still accurate for the entire operation.

#686425 Added an optimization to eliminate redundant paths from some commands that P4V sends to the Perforce Server. For example, if you select a folder, //depot/folderA/, and also select a file in that folder, //depot/folderA/foo.txt and run a "Get Latest Revision" on the selection, P4V formerly issued: p4 sync //depot/folderA/... //depot/folderA/foo.txt. While this doesn't do anything wrong, it forces the server to run through the sync engine an extra time unnecessarily since //depot/folderA/foo.txt will already be sync'd by the first argument. Now the redundant path will be culled before the command is sent to the server.

#681510 Added a "Check/Uncheck all" button to the Replace Writeable Files Dialog to make it easier to manage the list.

#680620 (Bug #67687, #67685, #67683) ** Added partial support for distributed server labels. Global labels will now show grey when connected to an edge server. They will not be editable regardless of permissions while connected to the edge server, but can still be used normally.

#677271 (Bug #66026) Added a preference to disable dragging and dropping streams in the stream graph to help prevent accidental reparenting of streams.

#676346 (Bug #59419) When backing out a changelist, a very large number of file arguments could potentially be sent to the server (in the ensuing opened call). A new performance property,'P4V.Performance.OpenedLimit', will limit the number of files to check (as opened). The default value is 1000. If the number of files to back out exceeds the value of P4V.Performance.OpenedLimit, then a popup will tell the user that no opened check will be performed, and ask if they still wish to complete the operation.

#647838 (Bug #65710) Streams workspaces now have "Create/Update workspace from template" enabled. The view does not propagate because the view is dictated by the stream, but all workspace options (rmdir, etc) are propagated.

#647648 (Bug #536) Workspaces can now be multi-selected.

Bug Fixes

#700290 (Bug #68180) Fixed crash when collapsing filter widget after clearing a saved filter which includes extra fields beyond the defaults.

#692149 (Bug #68138) ** P4V will no longer attempt to run annotate -I against servers older than 2010.2.

#686963 (Bug #51526) Doing a diff on a directory with checked out files deleted locally should no longer bring up unhelpful pop-up saying a temporary local file is missing.

#685621 (Bug #67148) Triggers keyed off integrate commands will output trigger stdout to the log pane when running the populate command from the branch dialog.

#685006 (Bug #67742) Fixed "Refresh" button in Reconcile Offline Work Dialog to run reconcile command when clicked.

#684874, 680774 (Bug #67399) Fixed various Reconcile Offline Work Dialog refresh issues.

#684756 (Bug #67818) File Path Builder Dialog no longer creates range tags for Labels.

#683154, 642720 (Bug #66323, #49294) When more than one window is present, right clicking on an object in the out of focus window and then selecting "view" on the object used to bring up the form of the object in the window with focus, not the intended object. Fixed.

#682662 (Bug #66522) The filters will now correctly remember their open/closed state between sessions.

#682643 (Bug #65742) Added a confirmation dialog when deleting multiple forms.

#679598 (Bug #67597) Reconcile Offline Dialog was not handling client views with "%%" characters. Now it does.

#679127 (Bug #64652) Attempting to create a branch mapping from inside the integrate dialogs with the name of a workspace or label will now fail correctly rather than giving an error message, then open the create branch dialog anyway.

#678728 (Bug #63945) When running P4V with commandline options, or using P4VC, mouse actions are no longer ignored. Double-click and context menus work normally.

#677319 (Bug #63072, 62103) Base file icon is now decorated when viewing another user's default changelist. This fix also addresses the sometimes missing context menu after right-clicking on a shelved files in a pending changelist problem.

#675259 (Bug #66997) Removed option to "Resolve Moved File" from context menus. It didn't do what was expected. Normal resolve trigger resolves on moved files normally, no need for a separate context menu option.

#674915 (Bug #67465) Fixed crash when attempting to merge/integrate from a submitted changelist found by filtering using multiple wildcards.

#674361 (Bug #60019) Max scanrow errors will no longer be supressed in some tabs, but not others. All tabs will now correctly report when max scanrows has been exceeded.

#673451 (Bug #57729) Fixed syntax when doing a copy limited by a change number. Cherry picking is never allowed with copy, so syntax should always be @change and not @change,@change.

#670527 (Bug #58547) GetSelection() now properly works in VScript and returns the current selection from the depot tree.

#670394 (Bug #35394) Properly handle @ and # characters in workspace root paths.

#668965 (Bug #67123) When propagating fixes forward in the merge/integrate dialog, we will no longer attempt to double-fix the job.

#658141 (Bug #66850) Multi-select items in Unloaded Window now supported.

#651377 (Bug #31442) Connection wizard now correctly makes directory separators Windows style when on Windows.

#649552, 650046 (Bug #66542) Added "Unloaded" icon to stream graph. Hide icon if feature is invisible and disable icon if feature is disabled or server is not unload capable.