Major Enhancements

#803191 (Bug #71402) ** Added support for Greek language when character encoding is set to CP1253 or 8859-7.

#782552 (Bug #70601) Moved/renamed files shown in new color in Folder Diff and Advanced Reconcile.

Minor Enhancements

#796889 (Bug #71662) ** For 2014.1 servers and later there is now a checkbox in the Shelve dialog that allows users to choose not to shelve unchanged files.

#785620 Allow the escape key to close the Folder Diff window.

#777591 (Bug #36289) Add another separator in the context menus to isolate "Revert" a bit better to prevent accidentally reverting files. #763852 Can now delete forms from the form tabs using the delete key.

Bug Fixes

#801082 (Bug #71273) Fixed problem where jobs with uppercase letters in the job field could not be removed from submitted changelists when connnected to case insensitive servers.

#792051 (Bug #71104) When filtering Stream graph for "Streams with my workspaces" be sure to actually show all the streams.

#791204 (Bug #71186) History tab now shows the correct file information when using the hotkey to show History tab.

#790296 (Bug #44883) Fixed another case where the login prompt would appear multiple times, even when the correct password was entered.

#779042 (Bug #70990) Fixed performance issue with extraneous fstat commands. The Files tab generated fstat commands when the tab wasn't visible. This could result in fstat'ing the contents of a directory when a user simply clicked on a file or folder in the Depot/Workspace Tree (instead, the fstat commands should be limited to when a directory is expanded, or when the Files tab is visible). This could also cause a very long delay in context menus coming up on folders.

#774319 (Bug #70826) Fix wording on error message when Goto a changelist fails. Now uses generic "Changelist" instead of "Submitted Changelist" for both cases.

#773293 (Bug #70806) Fixed case where the Shelve/Unshelve button could become enabled before the full operation was completed. This could, if the user had "Revert after shelve" or "Delete shelved files after unshelve" checked, result in the loss of data.

#763241 (Bug #70499) Goto dialog now correctly defaults to the "Changelist" option instead of "Branch Mappings".

#763236 (Bug #70509) Creating a new workspace now works correctly from stream graph when it's torn off.

#754285 (Bug #70217) The Files view now stretches to fill the dialog in the shelve and unshelve dialogs.

#738955 (Bug #69657) Prevent users from attempting to create a workspace with the "..." wildcard in the root.

#737371 (Bug #69584) P4V no longer duplicates log messages when closing and re-opening a connection to the same workspace.