Major Enhancements

#929553 Major visual overhaul. Icons updated, colors and style modernized. Toolbar updated to ribbon style with common actions only. QT5 draw code is optimized resulting in a more responsive GUI.

#926448 There is no longer local help. Requesting help (either general or context sensitive) now launches a web browser pointing to the appropriate help page. Administrators can download a zipped version of the webpage from the ftp site which they can then stage somewhere for users to point to by adding a property to the server named "P4V.Help.URL" which points to the root path of the staged help.

#827256 (Bug #72015) ** Added support for global shelves. When connected to an edge server with shelf auto promotion off (lbr.replication=shared), a new menu and checkbox for making the shelf globally available to all edge servers will be available. A new icon is used to indicate shelves that are globally available.

Minor Enhancements

#943838 P4V will now ask the user if they'd like to automatically check for P4V updates. The check happens roughly once a week. An icon near the status bar will appear if there is an update available.

#3973977 (Bug #72987) ** Added 2014.1 server functionality for copy -f, the ability to create revisions for deleted files.

#908940 (Bug #58604) Partial high resolution monitor support. Text will now properly render on high resolution monitors. Some images still appear at normal resolutions.

#900290 (Bug #71629, #74267) Added the ability to issue raw queries to Find in Files. Switching the mode to "Raw Query" now allows any syntax normally passed to p4 files.

#885284 p4vc can now handle the "pendingchange" command to open a pending change form.

#827256 (Bug #72015) ** Global label icon has been changed to better reflect what it means and to match new global shelf icon.

#860012 (Bug #73029) Import/export custom tools now remember the last used directory rather than always defaulting to the home directory.

#859812 (Bug #73007) Added "Show in depot tree" context menu option to the stream graph.

#846282 (Bug #56381) Stream graph now has named favorite filters.

#832527 (Bug #70928) No longer pass -f to p4 add by default. If a path contains special characters, a dialog will prompt the user if they really wish to add files with those characters.

#820608 (Bug #35450, #36594) Drag and drop behavior for the pending changelist tab has been enhanced. There's now a preference for whether or not to do file diffs, or move the files between changelists. You can also now drag files/folders onto the whitespace area of the pending change tab to add/edit the files.

#8200603 (Bug #72220) Removed checkbox for "Clear previously shelved files". The dialog was becoming increasingly more complex and this checkbox caused a lot of confusion and could result in data loss if misinterpreted.

#819443 (Bug #72015) ** Support 2014.1 server feature for promoting shelves between edge servers.

Bug Fixes

#950790 (Bug #74442, #72783) P4V on the linux command line now correctly passes parameters to the actual executables. This fixes two problems: First, p4v -V now works, and second, it fixes the problem where the Compare Files dialog was being displayed instead of the P4Merge application.

#950576 (Bug #75745) Command line p4v -h no longer crashes.

#949755 (Bug #75706) An error no longer appears when connecting to a non-unicode server and P4CHARSET is set in the environment.

#943757 (Bug #75346) Fixed problem where an error dialog would appear over and over if an unknown changelist is attached to a job.

#940146 (Bug #73194) Fixed crash on the Mac that happened when context clicking on items like a Pending Changelist when the window did not have current focus.

#939161 (Bug #75244) On the Mac, when there are no P4V windows opened, clicking on the Tools menu no longer causes the application to crash.

#937956 (Bug #71123) Fixed being unable to unshelve selected files when unshelving using a branch mapping.

#934053 (Bug #72019) Stream dialog no longer accepts rich text formatting when pasting text from clipboard.

#906449 Fixed another case where a rogue p4 changes -s pending results in causing some pending changelists to ignore any updates, as well as files sometimes not getting submitted properly. This case involves syncing when a file is checked out.

#905812 (Bug #67569) Tooltip information for "Checked out by" will now properly show up when using P4V translated into a language other than English.

#905779 (Bug #68776) ** New Copy command messages from 2014.1 server handled properly now when moves won't be properly propagated in the copy.

#900285 (Bug #73879) Fixed logic that displays the "Unshelve using stream spec" option. It should now show up regardless of which stream direction the files would need to go. Also pre-fill the stream with current stream when appropriate.

#877366 "Don't shelve unchanged files" checkbox in Shelve dialog is now enabled or disabled correctly depending if the server supports this feature.

#855036 (Bug #72882) Folder diff now correctly detects moved files, rather than marking all files as moved when diffing different directories.

#835966 (Bug #72608) Diff against now properly reports an error when user tries to diff against a file's head revision when it's been moved.

#828258 (Bug #72408) Fix case where we tell the user they can switch workspaces and cancel any running operations, but then don't actually give them the button to switch workspaces.

#826739 (Bug #63349) Enter key should honor the double-click preference set by the user.

#824980 (Bug #72338) Fixed malformed changes -s pending command when user specified a files path filter.

#820157 (Bug #68997) Can now merge/copy to a virtual stream whenever doing a merge/copy to the virtual stream's base parent is allowed.

#819889 (Bug #67590) When attempting to connect to a deleted workspace in the dropdown over the depot/workspace tree, it will now correctly be removed from the combo box.

#818196 (Bug #72159) Fixed case where trying to branch files from a firmer stream to a softer stream, e.g. release to main, would fail.

#817351 (Bug #59982) There's still some problems when backing out move/renames, but this change fixes the worst problem where the back-out would attempt to back out move/renames unrelated to the changes involved.

#812233 (Bug #30388, #67255) Pasting text into the changelist description field will now only paste plain text only, not formatted text.

#810443 (Bug #36601) Clearer error about non-existent workspace when attempting to connect through favorite connections.

#809819 (Bug #68311) View paths with spaces(quotes) now update correctly when changing the workspace name.

#805507 (Bug #70907) Suppress error dialog popups when running a revision graph that extends into paths the user doesn't have permission to view.

#804318 (Bug #71841) Folder diff now gives preference to content diff over moved when calculating the row's color.