Bug Fixes

#958979 (Bug #74714) Item selection and hover colors have been adjusted so they are more visible.

#958974 (Bug #75893, #75898, #75899) Fixed character mangling when connected to a non-Unicode server. The characters no longer appear as black diamonds with question marks. This manifested in multiple places, and in the case of merging, could cause data loss as the saved result of a merge could have corrupted characters.

#952058 (Bug #75795) Fixed crash on refresh of the Pending Changelist tab that could happen when P4V was left running for a while.

#950576 (Bug #75745) Command line p4v -h no longer crashes.

#950790 (Bug #74442, #72783) P4V on the linux command line now correctly passes parameters to the actual executables. This fixes two problems: First, p4v -V now works, and second, it fixes the problem where the Compare Files dialog was being displayed instead of the P4Merge application.

#949755 (Bug #75706) An error no longer appears when connecting to a non-unicode server and P4CHARSET is set in the environment.

#930136 (Bug #71226, #71969) P4Merge no longer crashes on exit when invoked from the P4V Resolve dialog.