#987503 ** P4V now integrates with Perforce Swarm. This integration allows P4V users to request, add to, and update Swarm reviews from Pending and Submitted changelists. This functionality is enabled by adding a server property as follows:

p4 property -a -n P4.Swarm.URL -v https://swarm.yourcompanydomain.com where https://swarm.yourcompanydomain.com is the URL for the Swarm server.

The timeout value can be controlled by an additional property specified in seconds (default is 10 seconds) as follows:

p4 property -a -n P4.Swarm.Timeout -v seconds

Bug Fixes

#993944 (Bug #76329, #76240, #76192, #76084) Fixed a few crashes on MacOSX 10.9 and above.

#988853 (Bug #76083) Fixed bug where selecting the preference to "Ignore action for imported files" and checking the "Don't ask again" prompt would then subsequently ignore all requests to add a file regardless of whether the file was imported or not.

#985129 (Bug #76160) Fixed preference that was saving non-valid characters into the ApplicationSettings.xml file.

#984498 (Bug #75752) When P4V loses connection with the server, it will now close the window when the user elects to not attempt to reconnect. Sudden disconnection leaves P4V in a bad state which in this case could cause crashes.