#1007534 Added an unshelve button to the pending change dialog when it's in view mode. This allows you to easily unshelve the change without having to go to the pending change tab to find the changelist.

Bug Fixes

#1007222 (Bug #77387) Large review id numbers (greater than 6 digits) are now correctly handled and displayed in the log pane.

#1005908 (Bug #77339) When connecting to a Swarm instance that is configured with require_login=true, P4V will no longer display the message: "Could not connect to Swarm. Host requires authentication" in the log pane; Swarm context menus will appear.

#1005629 (Bug #77320) P4V successfully requests, updates or adds to Swarm reviews and it no longer displays "Host requires authentication", if a Perforce Proxy, Broker, Forwarding Replica or Auth server(P4AUTH) is part of the configuration.

#1004373 (Bug #75253) P4Exp calling DiffAgainst... will now correctly bring up the diff dialog in P4V consistently.

#1001225 (Bug #77259) Handle trailing slash in P4.Swarm.URL by accepting URLs that have it or not.