#1213168 (Bug #80074) This release starts an opt-in program for collecting user data on how users interact with our software. Upon installing this release, the user will be prompted with a dialog giving them the option to opt-in to our program. If the user chooses not to opt-in, Perforce will not gather any information about the user or how they use our software. If admins choose, they can disable even the prompt asking users to opt in by setting a property on the server: p4 property -a -n P4.DataAnalyticsPrompt -v Off

#1171326 (Bug #70465) There is now a preference to disable global refresh affecting the Reconcile Offline Work dialog. Default is to continue allowing global refresh to update the dialog. The preference can be found on the Behavior page in preferences.

#1040489 (Bug #78418) ** The 2013 server added another integrate warning message that P4V wasn't catching, resulting in integrates that didn't report failure, but failed to integrate files.

Bug Fixes

#1213976 (Bug #80048) Fixed a crash on exit when running P4V from the commandline with the -s argument. This could cause P4V to crash when launched from P4VS.

#1209851 (Bug #73333, #73526) Fixed case where some of the pending changes would stop refreshing properly.

#1206613 (Bug #79864) Re-enable Opens With... context menu option when starting P4V with the -s <filepath> option.

#1205857 (Bug #67825) Bugfix P4V-19201 finds the correct property from a possible list of Swarm URL properties. There may be more than one Swarm URL that is retrieved if, for example, four Swarm servers are being authenticated by a single authentication server. The fix matches on the Server ID specified through the Swarm URL property P4.Swarm.URL.xxxx, where xxxx is the Server ID for the desired server.

#1145887 (Bug #79475) ** Fixes inability to diff when using P4V against a DVCS server.

#1130105 (Bug #79449) ** The 2015.2 sever allows admins to change the stream folder depth to a variable value. P4V made some assumptions about the folder depth of a stream which caused some issues with this new feature. This version of P4V is required if you wish to use a different stream depth than the default.

#1050094 (Bug #72915) Fixes a memory related crash on close.

#1044752 (Bug #76922) Fix a crash on closing P4V or P4Admin due to improper handling of static object. #1037985 (Bug #78340) Restore p4vc's ability to pass arguments to the p4vc diff command. These arguments populate the diff dialog when it comes up.

#1029695 (Bug #77295) Context menus will no longer immediately disappear on MacOSX 10.10.