#1263462 (Bug #72937) ** P4V user preferences have been added for parallel sync and parallel submit. (Choose Edit->Preferences->Server Data) To facilitate server administrator control over the client options, a new admin property has been added:


The values can be: "Force" - P4V will use parallel sync/submit regardless of user preference "Off" - P4V will never use parallel sync/submit

If the property isn't set, then P4V will use the user preferences to ascertain whether to run parallel sync/submit. Note that the parallel functionality is integrated into the normal operation of P4V. No special commands or interfaces, beside those mentioned above, need to be used.

#1258351 (Bug #80376) Auto-resolving shows a proper progress bar when the operation takes more than a few seconds to complete.

Bug Fixes

#1304345 (Bug #65625) P4V sets P4CHARSET correctly when running custom tools. If you set P4CHARSET in your environment with 'p4 set' before starting P4V, the character set WILL carry through. If you subsequently unset P4CHARSET it will not be set in console windows and custom tools.

#1265243 (Bug #83419) Auto-resolve method now correctly saved when set in preferences.

#1263218 (Bug #80635) New OSX Font "Helevetica Neue DeskInterface" isn't recognized by Qt properly, resulting in the Application Font preference becoming the first font found in the combo dropdown. This change picks a more reasonable default font.

#1263009 (Bug #79276) Fixed improper path decoding for the central settings file when a local path was specified in the protects table.

#1262338 (Bug #80942) The default setting of the Drag and Drop preference is set correctly. This can also solve what looks like problems with diffing on drag and drop.

#1257274 (Bug #76020) Fixed problems on some Linux distributions forwarding the display to a Windows machine.

#1256339 (Bug #80879) Common image types (.jpg, .gif, etc) now properly show in the Preview rev details pane of the Files/History tabs.

#1256287 (Bug #80954) Filenames with non-ascii characters can be sync'd, diff'd, and submitted.

#1254771 (Bug #80614) Preferences for Connection Method are retained when set.

#1251576 (Bug #77162) Check for updates only reports that a new version or a patch is available, not both (if one or the other is true).

#1249402 (Bug #75472) ** The ChangeView field in the workspace dialog now correctly shows up as a permanent field when run against a server that has it (2014.1 or later).

#1247833 (Bug #77117) Can once again print from within P4V.

#1246966 (Bug #81266) Fixed a crash that occurred when Timelapse View was initiated on the same file more than once before the Timelapse window appeared.

#1245116 (Bug #81181) Javascript callback functions fixed in the P4JsApi.

#1244537 (Bug #80602) Requesting a Swarm review with protected characters (e.g. &, +) in the description does not truncate the review description.

#1244503 (Bug #80889) The "Edit" button in the Revision details pane will edit the selected form.

#1243399 (Bug #80916) Fix crash when running P4V on the command line with the -s option against an SSL enabled server using Swarm.

#1240850 (Bug #80805) The Depot/Workspace Tree expands previously expanded folders on startup when the preference to disallow expansion is not checked.

#1239531 (Bug #80991) Fixed crash when changing any filter modifier from "is" to "is empty".

#1239428 (Bug #71923) Previously, the submit changelist process issued a warning about the existence of shelved files within a changelist in the form of a deletion inquiry. If the user chose Yes the shelved files would be deleted. Now, the submit process issues a warning in this case and the submit is cancelled. To prevent accidental deletions, the user must delete shelved files as a separate step before submitting the changelist.

#1236043 (Bug #70810) Workspace tree now shows correct icons for files explicitly called out in the workspace view rather than implicitly included in a directory.

#1234506 (Bug #80775) Disabled actions should once more grey out in the menus.

#1234487 (Bug #67642) Resolve dialog has been changed such that the 'movable' part of the dialog (which resizes once we get the data back in interactive mode) is the list view, not the bottom half where the buttons lie. This means the Resolve dialog buttons will no longer shift out from under the user's mouse while it's open.

#1221505 (Bug #80273) Prevent 'p4 streams' from running when the streams tab was not visible. Streams tab now follows other tabs' pattern of staying quiet when hidden, and refreshing when becoming visible.

#1219407 (Bug #78691) Fix some font issues, including choosing the wrong font, messing up default fonts, and changing font weights incorrectly.

#1217329 (Bug #79103) Fix crash when switching workspaces and a '...' is present in the client root.