#1490665 (Bug #76561) ** Support for Helix Distributed Version Control command line capabilities via the Helix Visual client. Personal servers initiate a Helix stream depot with a mainline stream on the user's local machine. Users have the ability to specify case sensitivity and Unicode personal server support.

Users are able to: * Init a personal server * Clone, Fetch and Push from/to a DVCS-enabled remote server * Branch streams within their personal server via the P4V Streams View

Note: Remote server support is limited to Helix Servers 2016.2/1487173 and above with appropriate server patches applied. To clone, fetch or push to a remote server, the remote server must have the AllowFetch and AllowPush configurations turned on. Users are able to create a personal server and perform version control functions without the need for a remote server.

To facilitate server administrator control over the client options, a new admin property has been added:

p4 property -a -n P4V.Features.Dvcs -v Off

If the property isn't set, then P4V will use the user preferences (Preferences > Features > DVCS) to ascertain whether to enable DVCS functionality. This does not impact the server's settings to allow Fetch and Push.

NOTE: At present, DVCS operations within P4V do not support the following scenarios:

* On Mac, if P4V is installed in a folder with a space in its name

* If the personal server user name contains any characters such as an accent, umlaut, or Japanese character that are not standard seven-bit ASCII representations

#1484512 (Bug #90214) The mergeany/mergedown option is now supported in P4V for streams for server versions 15.1 and greater.

#1468966 (Bug #88439) P4V now supports "undone by" and "undid" integration records and these show in Revision Graph.

#1428993 (Bug #79287) With Qt version update to 5.6.1, Windows 10 is now officially supported.

#1372020 (Bug #84248) Restore ability to customize a separate font for file content shown in the preview pane and Timelapse View.

#1369822 (Bug #81270) ** The 2015.2 server added fields to the change specification to support DVCS, "ImportedBy" and "Identity". Fixed P4V's handling of these tags so they will show up correctly in the submitted list view.

#1350991 (Bug #85205) New context menu "Open Changelist in Swarm" now available in the Pending, Submitted, and History tabs.

#1350875 (Bug #84499) Added a tooltip to the description field when editing a submitted change without a workspace, or a different workspace to explain why it's disabled.

#1349542 (Bug #83979) Now when an integrate fails, the OS will trigger an alert. On Windows, P4V's taskbar entry will flash. On Mac, the dock icon will bounce, and on Linux P4V will be marked as "demands attention".

#1348653 (Bug #84222) ** Add checkbox for promoting a shelve from an edge to commit server as part of the requesting swarm review process. This will only appear against 2014.1 or later servers.

#1305580 (Bug #25155) ** Can now do case-insensitive file searches against a case-sensitive server which is version 2016.1 or later.

Bug Fixes

#1490459 (Bug #90409) Removed a superuser's ability in P4V to inadvertently delete users from connected server via pressing the delete key while viewing user lists on certain dialogs.

#1477964 (Bug #89721) When Revision Graph is opened without a workspace, the Get Revision and Merge/Integrate menus are now disabled since these actions do not make sense without a workspace.

#1470611 (Bug #89388) System Info on Windows now displays correct information about Windows 8 and above.

#1466611 (Bug #88791) Added support for the "owner" value in the P4Admin's protection table editor.

#1463326 (Bug #88620) When refreshing the pending and submitted changelist tabs, the correct user is added to the Swarm request and state and review id will be hidden for non-members of private projects.

#1455390 (Bug #78442) If server is configured to auto-create LDAP users, P4V now runs a p4 login so an LDAP user is created in Helix who can then be authenticated to proceed to opening the connection.

#1436570 (Bug #87584) P4V no longer crashes when browsing for a stream in the create workspace dialog from the Open Connection dialog.

#1428993 (Bugs #84429, #84054) With Qt version update to 5.6.1, Linux users can now start P4V with different locale encodings.

#1402683 (Bug #87182) For ease of scripting, the P4V files in the linux installation are now owner writeable.

#1374363 (Bug #86064) Fix case where viewing stream graph without any existing preferences could result in displaying streams across multiple depots.

#1374274 (Bug #87133) Support for utf8 file type has been added which allows correct icon to be displayed.

#1366767 (Bug #85757) The log pane now correctly reports the number of files affected when shelving instead of only counting files shelved that were open for edit.

#1366336 (Bug #85622) Filtered out files are now correctly treated in Reconcile Offline Work dialog.

#1366235 (Bug #84081) Swarm page is now correctly opened for the specific review that was created from P4V.

#1363266 (Bug #72081) Fixed edge case crash when unshelving using a branchspec.

#1360587 (Bug #85451) Fixed secondary sorting for changelist numbers when sorting on a different column in the submitted view.

#1359840 (Bug #81407) In the timelapse view the correct revision/user information is shown in the details view when clicking in the source view, in single or multiple revision modes.

#1348469 (Bug #84424) ** Parallel sync and submit always trigger a parallel action, regardless of how the sync or submit is invoked. The default for �parallel=min has been changed to 1, but this value can be changed in the .p4enviro file. This only applies to servers that allow parallel sync and submit (2014.1 and up, 2015.1 and up respectively).

#1347755 (Bug #71293) Import paths now correctly displayed when starting P4V with a workspace associated with a virtual stream.

#1339132 (Bug #84914) Fix crash when browsing for a stream in the workspace dialog when creating new workspace from connection dialog.

#1333003 (Bug #74200) A branchview line that has a minus map and quoted will now display correctly in the merge/copy dialogs.

#1324471 (Bugs #84346, #83900) Assembla users have to set P4HOST for connections to succeed. One way to do this is to set P4HOST in a P4CONFIG file in the P4V executable directory. A clientAPI change broke this mechanism, and we subsequently restored the ability to use a P4CONFIG file setting P4HOST in the executable directory.

#1322830 (Bug #80271) When force-adding a file with special characters, files will be added to the selected changelist instead of default.

#1313868 (Bug #84037) Re-wrote the confusing error message "Client '<workspace name>' requires an application that can fully support streams" that appears when a user selects a stream workspace in the Open Connection dialog that he or she can no longer access.

#1311457 (Bug #79740) Content range spinner changes are now accurately reflected in the start revision and end revision panes in the time-lapse view.

#1304852 (Bug #83690) Checked Out By tab now correctly shows user information on selected file, and clears when de-selecting the file.

#1265717 (Bug #51568) Fixed crash when closing folder diff with Cmd-W on OSX while a context menu is open.

#1242581 (Bug #80852) Long file names on Windows are now supported by default by P4V.

#1029695 (Bug #78914) Fix crash when clicking on, hovering over, or viewing a thumbnail of a .dds file.

#NA (Bug #90016) Fixed webkit related crashes on Linux when previewing html files, or opening web pages inside P4V.