#1513587 (Bug #34419) The Tools/Manage Custom Tools... menu allows a shortcut to be assigned to each custom tool. Each shortcut is entered by clicking in column 2, next to the shortcut name in column 1.

#1511179 (Bug #15524) Job form descriptions now support clickable web links in P4V. There are two ways to create these links. First, by editing the form description field and typing in by hand an html <a href> construct, for example <a href="www.google.com">google</a>. When the form is saved this will appear as a clickable link. The second way is to again edit the form, and to cut and paste, or to drag and drop, from an external document, such as a web page or a Word document. The paste or drop will insert the link content as an <a href>. Again, when the form is saved, the links will be clickable. Please note that html support for this fix is limited to links in the form of <a hrefs> only.

#1507541 (Bug #39076) Pending changelist tab now denotes what changelists are empty of non-shelved files via a blue triangle icon. Pending changelist states of empty, empty w/ shelf, non-empty, non-empty w/ shelf are now easier to discern at a glance.

#1506353 (Bug #90103) The "undone" arrow in the Revision Graph legend (and in the graph itself) is now colored red to differentiate it from the other arrows.

#1505133 (Bugs #90895, #24941) Hover text is now shown for the text-entry and button fields of the P4V "Open Connection" dialog.

#1502779 (Bug #59742) Server data preferences now contain an option to allow a user defined number of files to be displayed in the Dashboard's Workspace Folder view. Previously hard set at 100000 for performance reasons. Use with extreme caution as this can degrade local and network performance. Server administrators can set the file limit and override user's settings with global server property: P4V.Features.Dashboard.Limit

#1499532 (Bug #76307) P4V now supports unshelving from a source client stream to the current client's stream, providing the two client streams share a common ancestor in the stream hierarchy. This is equivalent to using the command-line unshelve [-S [-P] ] combination. A pending changelist with shelves from a source stream can be right-clicked in the pending change tab, and the current client will act as the target stream. In the Unshelve Dialog, the "Map unshelved files Using Stream" option will be automatically checked, and the source stream automatically filled in. In this way, files can be unshelved across streams, even if the current client's stream is not the direct parent of the selected source stream.

#1499340 (Bug #78587) Mark for add operations on parent paths that include directory symlinks as children will no longer automatically add the contents of that directory symlink. This is to stop symlink recursion and accidental adds of files outside of a workspace. User can still add contents manually afterwards. Additionally if the directory symlink is specifically added by itself, the user is prompted to add contents or just the symlink.

#1498890 (Bug #90438) The unicode charset is now stored per workspace instead of globally in WorkspaceSettings.

#1494664 (Bug #90332) DVCS Clone command now shows actual p4 commands in the log pane rather than the higher-level meta-commands.

#1493697 (Bug #90295) The "Init Personal Helix Server" DVCS dialog now stores checkbox state to preferences, so that the settings are remembered.

Bug Fixes

#1511084 (Bug #91329) The Shortcuts page in the P4V Preferences menu now accepts input for shortcut editing on Mac platforms. This is a bug fix since the feature originally worked and then stopped working on the Mac.

#1510178 (Bug #84487) P4V now offers the "//stream/dev/A1 - not in client view (remapped from //stream/dev/B1)" (or equivalent) error message when doing an integrate/merge down of a move/rename file, based on a stream client/workspace view.

#1507538 (Bug #76886) Detailed errors from Swarm Ssl Handshake error are now sent to P4V's log file. To turn on error output change log.config category SwarmIntegration to level 1.

#1505449 (Bug #90305) Tab order for Connection dialog has been fixed.

#1503894 (Bugs #90762, #89349) Clients with one or two AltRoots stopped working between release 15.2 and release 17.1. Now, as with release 15.2, if a client specification contains a default Windows root, and either an alternate Mac root or Linux root, P4V will handle the situation correctly and recognize the AltRoot.

#1500703 (Bug #90821) Directory symlinks with no versioned contents can now be marked for delete.

#1500418 (Bug #90871) Fixed crash when using the refresh button in the Reconcile Dialog.

#1494732 (Bug #90597) Fixed visual problem with context menus on Windows where it appeared that there were two menus sliding into one.

#1494099 (Bug #90615) p4vc executable has been added to the Linux distribution file.

#1493764 (Bug #90556) The Stream Graph tab context sensitive help now correctly points to the Using the Stream Graph page.

#1493072 (Bug #90450) Stream root field auto completion in New Stream dialog no longer tries to guess absolutely everything about what the user intends. Appends stream name to stream parent path depending on type. User can manually change the stream root if they wish. Does not try to guess path when creating a new mainline with a depth greater than one.

#1492869 (Bugs #90565, #90555) The jobs tab context sensitive help now correctly points to the Managing Jobs page.

#NA (Bug #76713) P4V can now connect to Swarm using ip-specific tickets.