#527055 (Bug #59977) * The command timeout has been increased to 30 seconds.

#525100 (Bug #59040) * P4VS now contains a option for automatically adding new files to Perforce.

#517704 (Bug #57444) * P4VS now supports internationalization.

#507279 (Bug #50226) * Tool window lists can now be sorted by clicking on the column headers.

#503752 (Bug #49455) * Perforce commands are now clearly labeled in the Keyboard Customization preference in Visual Studio for assigning hot keys.

#503030 (Bug #58028) * Double clicking on a file in the Pending Changelists tool Window will open that file in the Visual Studio editor if the file exists locally.

#501411 (Bug #56779) * P4VS now supports diffing of file revisions in the History tool window via drag and drop of one revision on another.

#501223 (Bug #55249) * Perforce menu items are now accessible from on the document tabs in Visual Studio.

#463760 (Bug #55345) * P4VS now supports Visual Studio 2012 (version 11).

Bug Fixes

#525095 (Bug #59398) * The Jobs tool window now clears the list of jobs when there are no jobs to display based on the keywords entered in the filter.

#525095 (Bug #59344) * The Jobs tool window no longer returns an index error when filtering on a space in the Folder/file field.

#521319 (Bug #59556) * Files marked for move/delete are now checked in the submit dialog along with the related move/add file when Submit... is clicked on a file in the solution explorer on a file that is marked for move/add.

#519141 (Bug #59437) * The changelist description for moved files no longer contains "\n\n" text between the files names.

#518697 (Bug #59339) * "Create Workspace From" menu option now correctly creates a new workspace from a template of the selected workspace in the Workspaces tool window.

#517647 (Bug #59329) * Diff no longer uses the preferences saved for the merge tool.

#515341 (Bug #51554) * The connection dialog now allows users to set passwords when connecting to a security level 3 server.

#511709 (Bug #56279) * P4VS no longer displays an erroneous "None of the selected files could be submitted" error on "Mark for add" immediately followed by "Submit..." on a solution file.

#509930 (Bug #58842, #56341) * P4VS no longer returns an "Empty string..." error on "Get Latest Revision" when the selection of solution is out of date.

#509802 (Bug #57719) * P4VS no longer displays an empty resolve dialog when there are no files to resolve.

#509643 (Bug #56579) * P4VS no longer incorrectly detects that a solution is not in the client root when using .p4config and p4broker.

#509392 (Bug #57666) * Solution explorer glyphs are now properly refreshed after a "Mark for add" on a solution then "Revert" on a project under that solution.

#509313 (Bug #50201) * "Get Revision" is no longer allowed on a nonexistent revision.

#509228 (Bug #56394) * Connection dialog no longer passes an invalid user name with the commands for browsing or creating a new user.

#509221 (Bug #54181) * Get Revision button in the Get Revision dialog is no longer enabled if there are no files in the file list.

#509221 (Bug #54102) * Get Revision button in the Get Revision dialog is no longer enabled if there is no revision specifier in the revision specifier field.

#509102 (Bug #54928) * When moving files between changelists, if a file is a move/add or move/delete, P4VS will move both files in the move/add/delete pair to help prevent future submit errors.

#509099 (Bug #54971) * P4VS no longer returns an error message when canceling workspace creation of a workspace with a bad view mapping.

#509097 (Bug #56539) * Browse button for workspace in the connection dialog no longer displays an error if an invalid workspace is in the workspace field.

#508877 (Bug #58289) * The revert warning dialog no longer lists all files in the changelist when revert is clicked on a single file under that changelist in the Pending Changelists tool window.

#508821 (Bug #58618) * P4VS no longer runs excessive fstats on project load.

#508821 (Bug #58903) * P4VS no longer does excessive fstats on certain keypresses when ReSharper is installed.

#507901 (Bug #55043) * the P4VS log file is now written to in the new location after it is changed in Tools -> Options -> Source Control -> Perforce- Logging.

#507410 (Bug #58135) * Multiple Global Selection lines created by tag option no longer triggers Visual Studio errors.

#504674 (Bug #57716) * The Copy dialog no longer disappears after clicking the Preview button.

#504672 (Bug #57874) * The pending changelist dialog is now properly refreshed when a shelved file in the changelist is deleted.

#504349 (Bug #54009) * Attribute resolves can now be selected in the resolve dialog regardless of whether or not the file's content resolve has been completed.

#504237 (Bug #57873) * Shelved files in the pending changelist dialog are no longer shown with backslashes in their depot paths.

#501950 (Bug #57733) * The Workspaces tool window no longer uses the -E flag for filtering workspaces on the "name contains:" field when connected to a server that is older than 2011.1.

#500521 (Bug #58486) * P4VS now correctly saves display format for date/time.

#500521 (Bug #58424) * Numerical fields in the Jobs tool window are no longer converted to date/time format.

#500521 (Bug #58421) * Values in columns in the Jobs tool window no longer shift to the left when a field is empty.

#500521 (Bug #56282) * Change and Status fields in the Pending Changelists tool window now display "default" for the default pending changelist rather than "new".