#639971 (Bug #66149) * ** In the Merge and Copy operations, task streams are now supported.

#635829 (Bug #62631) * The 'Diff Against Have Revision' command in pending changelists now has a shortcut key.

#633567 (Bug #65902) * In Visual Studio 2012, files marked for integrate have an integrate glyph on the file icon in solution explorer.

#627398 (Bug #64864) * Shelved files can now be diffed against source revision or workspace file.

#627247 (Bug #62124) * ** Shelved files can now be submitted without a workspace update.

#625056 (Bug #50267) * A toolbar has been added to P4VS to view and change the current connection and active pending changelist.

#623677 (Bug #64936) * There is now an option to treat solutions and projects as directories when running Perforce commands. This option is to improve performance when loading solutions with a large number of projects and/or projects with a large number of files. The preference is off by default, but can be enabled via Tools -> Options -> Source Control -> Perforce - General -> [] Treat Solution/Projects as directories when selected.

#606604 (Bug #57698) * P4VS now supports the creation and editing of jobs.

#605082 (Bug #48077) * P4VS now has a Labels tool window.

Bug Fixes

#660945 (Bug #66927) * In the check out, unshelve, and change filetype dialogs the changelist dropdowns now show full descriptions.

#644525 (Bug #61686) * P4VS now correctly uses solution specific connections.

#643713 (Bug #65248) * The Ignore commands are no longer listed in the context menus or shown in the toolbar if the server is older than 2012.1.

#642620 (Bug #65274) * P4VS will now use P4VC, if it is installed, to launch Revision Graph, Time-lapse View, and Stream Graph so it will no longer fail with paths or depot names containing non-ascii characters.

#641630 (Bug #65273) * P4VS will no longer show an out of range error when the user attempts to 'Get Revision by context clicking file(s) in the solution explorer and the related files cause the Get Revision dialog to be resized.

#641630 (Bug #65271) * P4VS will no longer crash when the user attempts to 'Get Revision by context clicking on a changelist in the Submitted Changelists tool window and the related files cause the Get Revision dialog to be resized.

#639499 (Bug #66109) * The select/unselect all checkbox in the shelve dialog now works correctly on successive clicks.

#638944 (Bug #65845) * The Submitted Changelist dialog now shows icons in the file list.

#638944 (Bug #65616) * When moving files to another changelist in the Pending Changelists tool window, if "new" is selected as the target changelist, that new numbered changelist is added to the list upon completion of the move.

#635829 (Bug #65961) * The 'Clear changelist of previously shelved files' checkbox is now disabled if no shelved files exist in the related changelist.

#635809 (Bug #65463) * Jobs and Workspaces tool windows no longer have the item icons indented in the list.

#633012 (Bug #65569) * Tool windows will no longer show an "Index was outside the bounds of the array." error when entering numbers 0-9 in the Folder/file filter.

#631816 (Bug #64147) * P4VS now saves blank filters for tool windows.

#626419 (Bug #64746) * Tool window columns now correctly show data if there is a carriage return in the first line of the field.

#625705 (Bug #62946) * The Select User dialog can now be sorted by columns.

#622281 (Bug #65193) * In the Pending Changelist editor and Submit dialog, the OK, Save, and Submit buttons are now disabled when there is no text or the default text in the description field.

#622281 (Bug #65192) * The red text in the Pending Changelist editor now reacts correctly to changes in the description field.

#622281 (Bug #65191) * When an edit of the default pending changelist creates a new numbered changelist the new numbered changelist will now be added to the list of changes in the Pending Changelists tool window after successful creation and the default pending changelist will be refreshed.

#621826 (Bug #60212) * Changelists and jobs can no longer be submitted with the default description.

#620128 (Bug #64925) * When fetching additional data in Pending and Submitted Changelists tool windows, scroll position no longer moves to the top of the list.

#615569 (Bug #64643) * In the Pending Changelists tool window, the 'Diff Against Have' menu option now uses the correct source files and is hidden when it should not be used for files opened for add, delete, and move [rename].

#615034 (Bug #63990) * P4VS now properly handles files opened for branch or integrate, allowing them to be checked out if there is an attempt to edit them.

#612553 (Bug #64704) * Multi line fields in the Jobs tool window now correctly show line breaks.

#612093 (Bug #64705) * In the Workspaces tool window details pane, the Alt Roots field is no longer enabled.