Bug Fixes

#691914 (Bug #68125) * The jobs list in the submit dialog no longer flickers or disappears on hovering over the list items.

#684787 (Bug #67836) * The files list in the submit dialog can now be sorted by column.

#684787 (Bug #67834) * The submit dialog now properly draws the all of its child controls without delay or flickering.

#684787 (Bug #67508) * The submit dialog no longer has a long loading delay when a large number of files are in the related changelist.

#675467 (Bug #53609) * P4VS now supports Integrated Shell versions of Visual Studio.

#675408 (Bug #66934) * P4VS no longer crashes while unshelving a VC++ project that includes a filters file.

#672705 (Bug #67408) * P4VS no longer refreshes file glyphs asynchronously as that could potentially cause performance issues with solutions containing a large number of projects and/or files.

#671397 (Bug #67302) * P4VS now only checks for .ini file changes if the last check has been longer than .2 seconds ago.

#671389 (Bug #67256) * P4VS now correctly picks up P4CHARSET.

#671389 (Bug #67133) * P4VS now correctly handles users with non-ascii characters in their name.

#671248 (Bug #62563) * P4VS no longer shows multiple "The files are identical" prompts for files that do not differ from have revision. It now displays a list of all files in a single dialog.

#668829 (Bug #67239 Bug #62551) * P4VS no longer shows the "Remove from Changelist" menu item on jobs listed under a default pending changelist.