#712005 (Bug #68903) * The submit dialog now shows a red label indicating that files selected need resolve before the submit can proceed.

#712005 (Bug #68902) * The Submit button in the Submit dialog is disabled if files selected need resolve.

#707364 (Bug #68782) * Current connection information is now displayed on the Merge and Copy dialogs.

#698811 (Bug #60031) * P4VS now has a Streams tool window. All Streams in a particular depot can be filtered by several criteria. The list is displayed in a hierarchical view with pending Merge and Copy indicators on each Stream item in the list. Merge and Copy actions can be performed on Streams via the context menu.

Bug Fixes

#719860 (Bug #68294) * Performance has been improved for solution load by only invoking SccGlyphChanges when in a separate thread from the UI.

#719670 (Bug #69192) * The Add Files dialog now properly cancels on click of [X] rather than marking files for add.

#717960 (Bug #69112) * In the Merge or Copy workflow, any edits to the select changelist dialog with a new changelist are now carried over to the saved changelist or the Submit dialog.

#717238 (Bug #69092) * The Merge or Copy dialog will no longer appear if a stream is unloaded from outside of P4VS and Merge or Copy is clicked in the Streams tool window.

#717238 (Bug #69085) * The Merge or Copy dialog will not longer launch if the only source stream is "none".

#716376 (Bug #69023) * When a pending changelist is submitted, it is now removed from the list in the P4 Connection toolbar.

#716188 (Bug #69076) * In the Merge or Copy dialog, the source stream drop down will change to a text box if there is only one available source.

#716095 (Bug #69012) * The Pending Changelists tool window now correctly handles a resolve action on a changelist with shelved files and files needing resolve.

#715175 (Bug #69018) * When a new changelist is created via "New..." in the P4 Connection toolbar, it is no longer assigned the number -1.

#715175 (Bug #69010) * The resolve icon on files has improved visibility in the case where other file icon overlays are also present (checked out, checked out by other, locked).

#715158 (Bug #68529) * The Submitted Changelists tool window now properly refreshes the list of changelists when clicking 'Refresh Submitted. Changelist List' context menu item.

#714567 (Bug #68989) * Diffing a shelved file against workspace version no longer results in an error: "Invalid changelist/client/label/date '@=-1'" when the file is not unshelved in the related changelist.

#714084 (Bug #68873) * Diffing a shelved file against source revision no longer results in an error: "Invalid changelist/client/label/date '@=-1'" when the file is not unshelved in the related changelist.

#712906 (Bug #68940) * Submit dialog now properly updates file resolve status when the Resolve dialog is launched from the Submit dialog.

#712443 (Bug #68806) * When "Automatically update files status" is set in preferences P4VS will no longer crash due to an attempted update of file status on a file that has been deleted.

#709796 (Bug #67996) * The Submit dialog will no longer have display issues when the system text scaling has been changed.

#703970 (Bug #68512) * The Integrations tab in the History Tool Window now properly clears revision entries on item click or change of selected item.

#703768 (Bug #68586) * The spacing of items in the Workspace browser details pane has been improved.

#702800 (Bug #62590) * The tabbing order in the Get Revision dialog has been improved.

#702127 (Bug #67894) * P4VS no longer prompts for add of solution files when the [] Automatically add new files to Perforce is unchecked.

#702127 (Bug #67436) * Choose Solution / Project in Depot dialog no longer displays folder names containing special characters @ # encoded as %23 %40.

#702050 (Bug #68479) * Preview in the Copy dialog now properly displays file data.

#695455 (Bug #67724) * P4VS no longer displays Open Connection dialog when starting builds from a command line.

#677093 (Bug #67528) * Deleting shelved files no longer fails when unshelving a C++ project file containing a .filters file.

#675982 (Bug #60605) * Deleting multiple items from the solution explorer will no longer create multiple new changelists.

#671438 (Bug #54178) * The S-filetype flag is no longer listed twice in reopen command.

#668967 (Bug #61761) * The Select Changelist dialog now has Checkout as the default focused button, the tab ordering has been improved, and esc now correctly cancels the dialog.