Bug Fixes

#755079 (Bug #70244) * The Submit dialog now correctly saves the collapsed or expanded state of the individual panels.

#753424 (Bug #69687) * P4VS will no longer change the read-only attributes of files not controlled by Perforce.

#752910 (Bug #70192) * P4VS will no longer return an object reference error when canceling the sync of a large solution.

#751691 (Bug #69729) * P4VS will no longer attempt to add projects that reside outside the client root.

#746437 (Bug #69357) * p4 add and p4fstat are no longer run on files that are ignored.

#745543 (Bug #68263) * When diffing files, the newest file or revision is shown on the right pane of P4Merge.

#745543 (Bug #68294) * Caching file state and ignored file processing has been improved to more efficiently open solutions that are under Perforce version control.

#745212 (Bug #69956) * In the Merge/Copy workflow, users will now be given the chance to save or submit the related changelist, when the [] Prompt for changelist option is unchecked in preferences.

#745203 (Bug #69927) * P4VS will no longer crash when attempting to switch to a workspace with a root that is longer than 248 characters.

#744776 (Bug #66027, Bug #69084) * Deleted pending changelists no longer remain visible in the Pending Changelists tool window after refresh..

#742690 (Bug #69188) * Long text entries are no longer cut off in filter combo boxes.

#742646 (Bug #69727) * Full descriptions are now fetched for the listview items in the Pending and Submitted Changelist tool windows.