#904317 (Bug #72562) * New checkout options have been added for files about to be edited when they are not synced to the head revision. The prompt to get latest can now be turned on or off and if it is off, the user can choose to always sync or never sync files that are about to be edited but are out of date.

#902336 (Bug #73434) * If a charset is in use it is displayed in the log pane with other connection information on connection to a Perforce server.

#902203 (Bug #64537) * P4VS now sets the following environment variables for the current connection: P4VS_USER P4VS_CLIENT P4VS_PORT P4VS_ACTIVE_CHANGELIST These are exposed for use in batch scripts or custom tools.

#901971 (Bug #73820) * The "Treat Solution/Projects as directories" preference is now checked by default.

#834455 (Bug #72525) * The dialog for moving files to another changelist now behaves the same as creating a new changelist - the Ok button is disabled until a description is entered and red notification text appears while a description is missing or left as the default.

Bug Fixes

#905121 (Bug #70796) * The password dialog should popup on same monitor as Visual Studio.

#904320 (Bug #74421) * Password Prompt ( a.k.a. Perforce Login ) and Connection dialog do not retain size after expanding on secondary monitor.

#903440 (Bug #72779) * A project modified outside of Visual Studio will no longer result in a continual checkout dialogs appearing on edit of a file.

#902574 (Bug #72795) * After reverting a project file, the check out project option now correctly only includes the project file and not files under it.

#902335 (Bug #74337) * Clicking the Browse button for user or workspace in the connection dialog will no longer result in a "Parameter "escapedValue" cannot be null." error.

#842075 (Bug #53564) * In the Diff Against dialog, the Diff button is no longer enabled f either of the paths are empty, or if either of the revision specifiers are selected and have no value in the specifier text box..

#841511 (Bug #53854) * If the current user is not the owner of a workspace the delete workspace menu item is no longer available.

#839938 (Bug #49598, Bug #70903) * P4VS will no longer save latest connection information if the connection was not successful.

#838824 (Bug #51174) * Tab order has been correctly set in the Workspaces browser.

#834870 (Bug #49413) * In the connection dialogs, the most recently used connections drop-down will expand to fit the widest saved connection text.

#834778 (Bug #68992) * CTRL+A now selects all text in job text fields (i.e. the description field).