Bug Fixes

1043352 (Bug 68310) * P4VS update version link should link to release notes rather than online help. After updating in P4VS from the Visual Studio Gallery, this latest version of this file will be displayed instead of the help page for P4VS.

1041753 (Bug 78327) * Broken Context menu options in Solution Explorer. "Exclude From Project" and "Delete" Context menu options only work for items in Perforce.

1041753 (Bug 78342) * "Lazy Load" broke Auto-Checkout.

1041753 (Bug 78252) * With lazy loading, upon adding a new existing file to a C++ project the file does not show up in Solution Explorer.

1046981 (Bug 78520) * If when initially connecting to Swarm using a secure connection a problem is detected with the SSL certificate used by the Swarm server such as a self signed certificate, a dialog will be displayed allowing the user to reject the certificate or add an exception to allow the certificate to be used for future access to the Swarm server.