Multiselect is now enabled in Pending Changlist tool window. You can select multiple objects of the same type (changelist, open files, shelved files, etc.) to perform the same operation on through the context menu. For example, you can select mutiple open files located in one or more change lists, and move them to a new changelist.

Context menu added to the File History tool window to facilitate fast axis to common actions, such as viewing a past revision of a file.

All the controls for performance tuning features are now located in a new section on the "Perforce - Data Retrieval" panel of the options dialog.

Visual Studio 2015 support

NOTE: This is the last version of the plugin to support Visual Studio 2010. Future versions will only support Visual Studio 2012 and later versions.

Bug Fixes

1219610 (Bug 75594)* Truncated text for some P4VS preferences depending on the font used.

1203204 (Bug 55196)* Add context menu to File History tool window.

1198690 (Bug 77797)* Lazy load file icon was showing for files when disconnected.

1197378 (Bug 78847)* Perforce login dialog can sometimes get hidden by Visual Studio's loading solution status dialog leaving Visual Studio in a non-respondent state. Fix: By default, the login dialog opens 25% of the way down instead of centered. The old default centered in parent window is the same setting as the Visual Studio status dialog.

1172345 (Bug 78959)* Never perform recursive fstat when lazy mode enabled and the selection changes. Fix: When 'Lazy loading' and 'Update status on Selection Changed" are both enabled, when a folder or other container is selected, only load status of the first file in container.

1071597 (Bug 79227)* Enable multi-select in Pending Tool window.

983152 (Bug 76801)* Support Visual Studio 2015.