1568080 (Bug 91880) * "Helix Core" is now a Source Control provider option under the Add to Source Control ^ button in the Visual Studio status bar.

1563334 (Bug 91843) * P4VS now integrates with the Visual Studio 2017 Start Page. "Helix Server" is an available link on the Start Page under the Open->Checkout from: menu.

1560496 (Bug 91281) * Shelved files in the Pending Changelists tool window are now displayed in a shelved files folder underneath the changelist item to better differentiate them from unshelved files.

1551926 (Bug 85668) * The focus has changed from Ok button to changelist dropdown when opening the changelist prompt on edit of a file. Now, enter or space will not trigger a checkout of the file to the default pending changelist if the user continues typing during the edit.

1542745 (Bug 92351) * "<n> Pending Changes" will now be available in the Visual Studio status bar. When clicked, it will bring up the Pending Changelists tool window.

1533676 (Bug 91909) * P4VS now uses online help files.

1529976 (Bug 87941) * The P4VS Connection toolbar now displays "OFFLINE" when disconnected and updates dynamically.

Bug Fixes

1566588 (Bug 84556) * P4VS now removes files under a submitted changelist before removing the changelist from the Pending Changelists tool window so that the files do not remain as active nodes in the display.

1566579 (Bug 87397) * P4VS now refreshes all changelists affected by a file action that may impact files distributed over multiple changelists.

1566351 (Bug 84768) * P4VS now correctly refreshes pending changelists after a resolve.

1565812 (Bug 92695) * P4VS will no longer crash Visual Studio when clicking resolve on a file in the 'edit pending change' dialog.

1561829 (Bug 81180) * P4VS will no longer mark a file for delete if the OnDelete signal from Visual Studio has been erroneously sent for a file closed in the editor that is under source control, but not part of the currently active solution.

1561289 (Bug 81424) * P4VS will no longer create 2 changelists when 'new' changelist is selected in the changelist prompt for delete of a file.

1560630 (Bug 92370) * The 'matches' label in the Pending Changelists tool window now updates on addition of a new changelist.

1560610 (Bug 77043) * Swarm review state is now updated on refresh of changelist in Submitted Changelists tool window.

1556072 (Bug 89524) * When connecting to an ssl enabled server with environment settings, P4VS will now bring up a dialog for the user to accept the fingerprint if trust has not been established.

1551604 (Bug 91917) * P4VS will no longer crash Visual Studio when editing a submitted changelist that has multiple jobs attached.

1536664 (Bug 91685) * P4VS now correctly uses the active changelist from the Connection toolbar when <Prompt for changelist> is set as the active changelist.

1536246 (Bug 92249) * Connecting with environment settings no longer allows connections without a valid client.

1536246 (Bug 92248) * Connecting with environment settings from depot browser now broadcasts the new connection.

1534446 (Bug 87200) * P4VS now handles "/" in a workspace root, by converting it back to "\" for the Add to Perforce file action.

1534034 (Bug 88759) * P4VS now successfully submits solutions that exist in a workspace with a null client root.

1533676 (Bug 91679) * The help button [?] on the connection dialog now properly brings up context sensitive help for connecting.

1531248 (Bug 90817) * P4VS no longer shows an active connection after a log out.

1526181 (Bug 91654) * P4VS no longer shows "OFFLINE" when connected.

1526181 (Bug 89888) * The P4VS status bar in the lower left of Visual Studio has been removed in order to no longer obscure other Visual Studio information that is displayed there. Information for OFFLINE and connected status can be seen in the P4VS Connection toolbar.