For every 1,000 lines of code, there are between 15 and 50 software defects.

And regardless of whether they’re in a car’s braking system.

A fighter plane.

Or a drug infusion device.

Software defects matter as they result in unreliable and unsafe products.

Which in turn leads to:

  • Recalls.
  • Damaged brand reputations.
  • And accidents.

Perforce understands that the safety – and security — of the products we depend on begins with the quality of their embedded code.

And, that understanding has shaped the development of our static code analyzers:

For more than 30 years, our static code analyzers have been trusted by industry leaders for their superior:

  • C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Kotlin code analysis.
  • Defect detection, elimination, and prevention.
  • Enforcement of industry and coding compliance standards.

That is why:

  • The top 10 global automotive parts manufacturers.
  • The top 8 global defense contractors.

And more industry leaders, trust and rely on Perforce static code analyzers.

So. Whatever industry you work in, Perforce static code analyzers can help reduce your development costs and accelerate your time to market.

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