It is super easy to manage sprints using Task Boards in Helix ALM (formerly TestTrack). 

One of the biggest improvements to my workflow is being able to easily add new items to my sprint folders when either gearing up for a new sprint, or when writing up issues found in the current sprint. 
I found a defect this morning, and I need to write it up. To do this, you can click on the gear menu for the swim lane you want to add to, and select add defect. From there, I can type in the details of my defect and add it to my project. I’m going to add a couple of little informational things here, so my team can fix the defect. 
Once you click the add button, your task board is automatically brought up. Now I can continue on to the next thing. You can use the same technique to create tasks in a new sprint as well. Being able to manage projects this way has sped up my working a ton. And I hope this helps you find ways to accelerate your development process as well.

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