March 19, 2014

Find in Files: A Highly Requested Surround SCM 2014 New Feature

Surround SCM
[caption id="attachment_13958" align="alignright" width="300"]Find in Files small An example of a Find in Files results screen (Click image to enlarge)[/caption] The most frequently requested feature request from Surround SCM users has been for a way to search in files for specific words or strings of text. That’s why we are excited to announce the new Find in Files feature of Surround SCM 2014. The Find in Files feature allows you to search the current version of your Surround files in two ways—indexed or non-indexed. You can also search using text phrases, with or without wildcards, or regular expressions. Indexed mode allows you to search within Word, Excel, PDF, RTF, Open Office, text, and certain other types of files. This mode creates an index file that, once turned on, always stays up to date. The result is faster searching that can be refined by file type, but it does occupy more disk space. If disk space is limited, you can opt for non-indexed mode. It’s a slower way of searching, and it has the additional drawback that it can only search though text files. When Surround SCM’s indexed mode used, the Find in Files feature sorts search results by relevancy based on file size and number of occurrences of the search term within the file. Within the list of results, you have a few options. The “Open” button opens the selected file for further examination and editing. The “Go to File” button provides a quick way to go right to the repository containing the selected file. Finally, the “Save As” button allows the user to save and share the search results list. Few source code management solutions have this kind of search functionality, so we’re pleased to be able to provide it to our Surround SCM users. We’ve found it very useful in house, and we think you will, too! Watch this short video to learn more: