Surround SCM End-of-Life (EOL) Schedule

Product versions that have passed the End of Standard Maintenance are no longer eligible for special builds. Should a product defect be discovered, or an enhancement be requested, only versions that have not passed the End of Standard Maintenance would be eligible. Ideally, we would like to work with you to help you upgrade your environment to newer, supported versions of our products.


Surround SCM 

 General AvailabilityEnd of Standard MaintenanceEnd of Standard Support
Surround SCM 2023.1Dec 11, 2022Dec 11, 2024Dec 11, 2025
Surround SCM 2022.1Dec 5, 2022Dec 5, 2024Dec 5, 2025
Surround SCM 2021.1Jul 28, 2021Jul 28, 2023Jul 28, 2024