The Leader in Visual Computing Trusts Perforce Helix With Their Most Valuable Digital Assets

Perforce Helix: The Single Source of Truth for Large Files

In 1999 NVIDIA invented the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), technology that has since led to tremendous innovations in computer graphics and the PC gaming industry. To help accelerate development of their GPU chips and ensure a single source of truth, NVIDIA chose Perforce Helix, an enterprise-class version control and content collaboration platform, to version and safeguard their digital files.

Why is NVIDIA So Happy with Helix after 6 years?

Easily handles distributed development

Fast and accurate

Increased productivity and efficiency


Single source of truth

How NVIDIA Manages 600 Million Files

400,000+ Users Strong

Leaders across all industries trust their success to Perforce.

“I don’t know how we could do the kind of designs and the innovation we do without Perforce. Perforce has been critical to our success.”

Doug Quist, Director of Engineering and IT at NVIDIA

Lightning-Fast and Massively Scalable for the World’s Innovators

The world’s most innovative brands harness the power and speed of Helix Core to build, test, and ship their products faster, more securely, and with less bugs.

NYSE Euronext

NYSE Euronext Uses Helix To Harmonize Its Software Lifecycle Management


Ubisoft, Developers of "Assassins Creed," Incorporate Helix in Their Game Development

Ciena Corporation

Ciena Migrates Over 70 Percent of Their Workforce to Perforce

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