Perforce Helps 22cans Bring Landmark Game Godus to Market

Wokingham (UK), September 9, 2014 - Perforce Software today announced that Godus—the highly anticipated god simulation game from 22cans that launched on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch was developed using Perforce’s suite of version management solutions. The company credits Perforce with reducing overall operational costs of creating the game and enabling rapid releases of ongoing game updates.

“Perforce has played an integral role at every stage of the game’s evolution, from pre-release development to post-release operations,” said Tim Rance, cofounder and CTO at 22cans. “As a team of 22 developers, we had limited resources to produce an AAA-quality game, so we learned early on that the right tools and processes are almost as important as the code itself.”

Godus is the second game from 22cans, a UK-based studio founded by industry veterans Peter Molyneux and Tim Rance. In the game, players act as gods of their worlds, creating environments and civilizations that connect to other players’ worlds.

Continuous Delivery of New Features

22cans’ Perforce repository contains 1.5 TB of ever-changing code. Because of Perforce’s ability to handle large files and its superior branching features, the 22cans team can continuously update the game with what they call “Short Features” – minor releases made in response to user data, constantly fine-tuning the game to improve player experiences.

“With a freemium game that requires constant updates to keep our players engaged, it’s important to have our software in a constantly releasable state with feedback, testing, automation and version history all incorporated,” said Rance. “Perforce, together with the Jenkins plug-in, is perfectly suited to support our rapid development of Godus, and I’m confident this will continue to be the case no matter how big the game gets.”

Grown on the Perforce 20/20 Program

22cans started using Perforce through the Perforce 20/20 Program, which allows start-ups and small companies to use Perforce products free of charge for up to 20 users or 20 workspaces, and includes access to Perforce’s award-winning technical support.

“We’ve always believed in helping young companies version their most valuable assets in the same way that the most recognized brands in the world do,” said Christopher Seiwald, founder and CEO of Perforce. “We’re proud to support 22cans and join them in celebrating the success of Godus being available for mobile game players.”

About 22cans

Founded by industry legend and creator of the god game genre, Peter Molyneux, 22cans Ltd is a new start-up independent videogame developer focusing on multi-platform and mobile. 22cans creates games for the world, with innovation at its heart, and the journey has only just begun. For more information, visit: or

About Perforce

Enterprises across the globe rely on Perforce to build and deliver digital products faster and with higher quality. Perforce offers complete developer collaboration and agile project management tools to accelerate delivery cycles — from agile planning tools to requirements, issues and test management, which then link to all source code, binary assets and artifacts for full build and release tracking and visibility. The company’s version control solutions are well known for securely managing change across all digital content — source code, art files, video files, images, libraries — while supporting the developer and build tools your teams need to be productive, such as Git, Visual Studio, Jenkins, Adobe, Maya and many others. Perforce is trusted by the world’s most innovative brands, including NVIDIA, Pixar, Scania, Ubisoft, and VMware. The company has offices in Minneapolis, MN, Alameda, CA, Mason, OH, the United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Germany, and Australia, and sales partners around the globe. For more information, please visit