The Hansoft A3 9.2029 server is compatible with shares from versions 9.2029 and higher.

New Features

User Story and Last Comment performance improvement – If you show “Last comment” or “User Story” in the tabular views, Hansoft will now only show the first few lines of text. You have the option to “show more”, “show less” or “hide” these fields. This represents a major client performance improvement for large views.

Item Details Window Size – If you show “Item Details” in a separate window, Hansoft now applies the same window size for all item windows within a session, allowing you to optimize the layout for your screen.

Japanese and Chinese translations of function column dialogs.

Fixed Issues

# 6761SDK: ProjectSetReports does not set m_ShareResourceList.m_Resources and m_EmailProperties.m_RecipientList.m_ResourcesSeverity A
# 6743SDK: ProjectSetReports does not set the m_GroupByColumnMain.m_OrderType correctlySeverity B
# 6687As a sprint member I cannot indent committed bugs into sprint subprojectsSeverity C
# 6768Remove the prefix “Show ” from each entry in the column selection menu in Item detailsSeverity D

Download the latest version of Hansoft here.