New features

View image on card: Images that are attached to an item can now be shown also on the board. If there are multiple images attached to the item, right-clicking an attachment and choosing “Show on card” will select that image. Deselecting “Show on board” will hide the image on the card. All images can be hidden by turning off Images in the new Show menu. 

Hide items: The “Hide” function (available in the right-click menu for items) can now be used on any item in the schedule or backlog.

Improved logging of server and user events: The following events are now logged in the server log. Also listed here is the log level for each event. 

  • Start and end loading a database and taking a database online (Important)
  • Create, delete, archive, rename a project (General)
  • Give or revoke administration access for a user (General)
  • User logs in, logs out or is disconnected (Other)
  • Change project access and roles for a user (Other)
  • Reset password for a user by an administrator (Other)
  • Users are added or removed from a user group (Other)

 Note that for new server installations, the “Other” log level is turned off by default. It can be turned on in the Server Administrator.

Fixed bugs


HPMServer 10.0006 and higher cannot be launched on Ubuntu 14.04 or Ubuntu 15

Severity A


Pipeline steps can show the wrong parent in a board when the pipeline is set from another client

Severity D


SDK: TaskCheckWorkflowTransitionRequirements link is not clickable in SDK documentation

Severity D


The Hansoft 10.0025 server is compatible with shares from versions 10.0016 and higher.


New versions of the SDK and the Helix Core integration are also released. The Helix Core integration is now available also on Linux.