New features

  • Limit the memory usage for a dashboard chart. A server administrator can now set a limit to the maximum memory used for dashboard chart calculations. This will help prevent resource depletions on the server.
    To do this, set the environment variable HANSOFT_CHART_MAXMEMORY_MB to a numeric value before launching the server. The default limit is 750. This means that a single chart calculation will not be able to use up more than 750MB of memory, but there can be up to three calculations going on at the same time.
  • More detailed Dashboard statistics, in the ADMIN view and in debug logs, now include information on the memory used for each chart calculation.
  • Customize the limit for number of rows in a result set for a dashboard. A server administrator can now increase the limit for the number of rows in the result set for a chart. This can be useful for very complex charts or tables. To do this, set the environment variable HANSOFT_CHART_MAXROWCOUNT to a numeric value before launching the server. The default limit is 3000.

Fixed bugs

7032    A chart showing too much capacity data or historical data may deplete all server memory, causing slowness, client disconnects or a server crash.    Severity A

7486    All clients crash when you change the “Estimate display format” for a project without boards    Severity A

7445    Client crash when a predecessor to an assigned task is deleted    Severity B

7501    Client crash when showing the “board lane” or “board column” columns in Portfolio Find    Severity B

7428    A chart processing future capacity may not stop calculating when deleted    Severity B

7442    Multiple versions of a chart may occur in the chart calculation queue at once.    Severity B

7264    Dragging from the backlog to the planning view does not work when the planning view is empty    Severity C


The Hansoft 10.0042 server is compatible with shares from versions 10.0016 and higher.