New features

Enter time in a Timesheet using a Time Spent column. You can configure Time Spent columns so when users enter time spent from the Hansoft To Do list, the timesheet is automatically updated with a new row for the time reported. A user can also create timesheet entries by entering data directly into a time spent column from other views, as long as the user is assigned to the item.

Unified and improved user selection droplists and multiple selection droplists: 

  • Improved user selection droplists: When you assign users to a task, checkboxes now show which users are selected
  • Improved keyboard navigation in user selection and multiple choice droplists
    • Arrow keys to select items. 
    • Shift-arrow to select multiple items
    • Space to toggle the checkbox for all selected items
    • Enter to close the list and save your changes
    • Esc to abort, leaving the column value unchanged
  • Double-click to select a single choice in a multiple selection droplist

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) column in the product backlog. If you enable the WBS column, your backlog structure will be automatically translated into WBS codes, in the format: 1.2.3.

Fixed bugs

7409Client crash after deleting a sprintSeverity B
7506Client crash in the "Work remaining" window when a custom priority column is used but unsetSeverity B
7421Function columns do not truncate fetched "Number" values to integers before using themSeverity B
7454Connection drawn incorrectly in the timeline when scrolling horizontallySeverity C


The Hansoft 10.0043 server is compatible with shares from versions 10.0043 and higher.


The Hansoft 10.0043 Server comes with a new version of the Hansoft SDK.