New features

Add units on custom function columns 

Fixed bugs


Entering a very large value in an active time spent column causes all client connections to time out

Severity A


Column access rules for a custom priority column are not followed when drag/dropping in the priority view

Severity B


Break down (Ctrl+Shift+N) on scheduled pipeline tasks does not respect the break down options in the pipeline settings

Severity B


Ctrl-A in QA selects all committed bugs when there is a filter active

Severity B


Client crash when opening a report in a folder from dropdown menu while find is open

Severity B


Pasting while having selected a pipeline in a sprint inserts the item as a pipeline step

Severity C


Undo after moving an item in the hierarchy, affects the Last Updated On column for sub projects and all contained items

Severity C


Breaking down a scheduled task with a pipeline creates a new item as a pipeline step

Severity C


Functions are not saved if they are defined when first creating a function column

Severity C


A search for an empty single drop list column returns non-empty values when the column was converted from a multi drop list

Severity D


The Hansoft 10.0057 server is compatible with shares from versions 10.0043 and higher.