New features

  • Adds support for clients and servers running on Apple M1
  • Calendars updated until 2027


  • B 8527: Client hangs rendering a task for a user with a very low sprint allocation
  • B 8500: Client crash when you add user to a sprint by committing an item, if the sprint has a board
  • B 8502: The yes/no dialogue when removing users from sprint is not shown for users assigned to committed bugs
  • B 58500: A pipeline task in a user's To Do list can block updates to the pipeline
  • B 58512: A user can rename assigned pipeline tasks from To Do if the project is not loaded
  • B 58515: User can still edit details on items when sprint edit right has been revoked
  • C 8521: OS X Main window moves to front when you close some dialogs in backlog
  • C 7405: Ghost users do not show sprint allocations in portfolio allocation, unless they have tasks assigned with work remaining
  • C 8217: Function columns show no value after you copy/paste an item
  • C 8302: The Budgeted work value set when committing an item is not saved
  • C 8456: A report without specified sorting, uses the last user defined sorting

Compatibility & upgrade notes

  • Shares: From version 11.0014 and higher.
  • Also released: Version 11.0004 of the Hansoft LDAP Integration.