New Features

  • Hansoft no longer attempts to start the client when you log in to your computer.


  • A 8844: Frequent crashes on macOS Ventura on M1 (arm64) processors
  • B 8600: Import can update items outside of delegated subprojects
  • B 8659: Reports in QA do not apply their sorting options
  • C 6112: "Detailed Description" and "User Story" are redundant in workflow editor
  • C 8724: <DatabaseID> is required when importing XML
  • C 8729: "GeneralconditionX=false" queries are changed to true when saved as a report
  • D 8662: Underlines for hyperlinks go in the wrong spot
  • C 8683: Client crash/freeze when editing "Finish" date from Product Backlog
  • C 8836: "Show" options are enabled but do not work when "Find" is active
  • D 59517: "Work remaining" misinterprets non-numeric input in Excel Import

Compatibility & upgrade notes

  • Shares: From version 11.1004 and higher.
  • Also released: Version 11.1007 of the Hansoft Web Service
  • Also released: Version 11.1004 of the Hansoft API