• 9024 A: Server crash when deleting timesheets containing invalid entries
  • 8997 B: New link format not stored in project history snapshots
  • 9012 B: Client crash when double-clicking an uncommitted bug in Portfolio Find
  • 9017 B: Ctrl-B in Portfolio Find creates a broken link
  • 9035 B: The m_ColumnsShowing list in HPMReport is not saved correctly from the SDK
  • 9039 B: SDK versions 11.101 to 11.105 do not correctly save multiple links
  • 8941 D: Invalid entries in timesheets cause the corresponding calendar days to look empty

Compatibility & upgrade notes

  • Shares: From version 11.1046 and higher.
  • Also released: Version 11.1005 of the Hansoft Jira Server Integration