The Hansoft 9.0004 server is compatible with shares from Hansoft 9 servers, but not earlier versions.

New Features

Improved visual feedback when working with scheduled tasks and sprints in the timeline.
Added colors on schedule task icons in the tree that match the item color in the timeline.
New shortcut to break down items, Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+N.

Fixed Issues

# 5655Client crash when rendering “items are hidden in this view” on 32 bit clientsSeverity B
# 5626Incorrect rendering of scheduled tasks when zooming out in the timelineSeverity C
# 5632Percentage completion bar is not shown in item details for sub projectsSeverity C
# 5635Scheduled tasks are not indented correctly in the scheduleSeverity C
# 5649Ideal burndown lines in the schedule do not start at the correct valueSeverity C
# 5659Obsolete menu option to change color on releases in the scheduleSeverity C
# 5628Wrong text colors in the news feed when using the dark themeSeverity D
# 5638Clearing the formatting makes the text black on a white background in the dark themeSeverity D
# 5660The item details pane in the to do list is no longer dark after sign out and sign inSeverity D