The Hansoft 9.0017 server is not compatible with shares from earlier versions

New Features

A new default column “Last updated by” is added. It works similar to “Last updated on”.
Drag and drop in the Edit preset dialog lists.
Performance improvements in the client for projects with many users.


Fixed Issues

# 5584Floating item details windows are closed when the QA view is refreshedSeverity B
# 5685If the server receives signals during shutdown on OS X and Linux, it can crash instead of shutting down properlySeverity B
# 5427When closing the Add files dialog while having the backlog open, the focus is set to the main windowSeverity C
# 5548When item details for a bug is opened in a separate window, the bug will still be shown when doing searches and reportsSeverity C
# 5606Latest file revision is not automatically downloaded when using copy in DocumentsSeverity C
# 5609SDK: TaskFind does not find tasks that are not in the root on exact text matchSeverity C
# 5654The value is not automatically selected when editing a time spent column in Japanese or ChineseSeverity C
# 5688Administrators are allowed to add two or more groups with identical namesSeverity C
# 31250The Hidden Reports folder cannot be moved in the report managerSeverity C
# 4654The “More” tab in the Customize Project dialog has a scrollbar in the default window sizeSeverity D
# 5525Numbers are repeated in the forecasting settings in Japanese and ChineseSeverity D
# 5622The description column in the To do list is too narrow by default for new usersSeverity D
# 5627A “Find” button replaces the “Close Find” button when switching viewsSeverity D
# 5653Minor issues in the Japanese translationSeverity D
# 5663User group names are not sorted alphabetically in the admin user viewSeverity D
# 5667Release tags are not sorted chronologically in .xlsx and .txt exportsSeverity D
# 5673The “Project view” button is not disabled in the To Do list when there is no selectionSeverity D
# 5698Typo in the export menuSeverity D
# 13840No error message is shown when trying to delete default columnsSeverity D