The Hansoft 9.0020 server is compatible with shares from Hansoft 9.0017 servers and later, but not earlier versions.

New Features

Possible to show and hide multiline text fields in the item details pane.
Added option to set visibility and order of multiline text fields via user view presets.

Fixed Issues

# 5423SDK: Memory leak after using UtilGetColumnDataItemFormattedSeverity C
# 5489There is no way to recover multitext field in Item settings after it has been hidden via User view presetsSeverity C
# 5520Months are skipped when scrolling through months in the date pickerSeverity C
# 5552Renaming “Epic” in the project template has no effect on the find and report criteriaSeverity C
# 5650The ideal burndown line in dashboards does not start at the correct value by defaultSeverity C
# 5686If a link spans more than one column, it is clickable in other columns as wellSeverity C
# 5375The order of multi-line text columns in Item settings does not take User view presets into accountSeverity D
# 5701Items pasted as hyperlinks in comments and multiline text fields are hard to read in the dark themeSeverity D
# 31023Report sub menus are floating without parent folder when they do not fit on the toolbarSeverity D