The Hansoft 9.2095 server comes with a new version of the SDK with support for the new features in this release.


The Hansoft 9.2095 server is compatible with shares from versions 9.2046 and higher.

New features

Item details improvements
New features and bug fixes (see below) in the item details section. It is now possible to:
– Reorder multi-line text columns
– Collapse/restore individual sections (Multi-line columns/Comments/Attachments)

Show/hide completed bugs in the QA view
It is now possible to hide completed bugs in the QA view. When using Find or a report the setting is ignored, similar to how the same show/hide setting works in the other views.

Default flagging of new items as user stories option in the backlog view
The option “Flag new items as user stories” (Customize project, Agile and Scheduling) is now available as separate options in the backlog and planning views. The option in the backlog only affects new backlog items, and the option in the planning view only affects new sprint items.

Fixed Issues

# 5787Added or removed multi line text columns do not update in item details opened in a separate windowSeverity C
# 6574Focus is returned to the list view after editing a field in item detailsSeverity C
# 6992When in Ghost user mode, the item details layout buttons are not availableSeverity C
# 7001Predecessor/Successor columns are not visible in item details when enabledSeverity C
# 7003Cursor moves within any fields in item details if someone else updates column configurationSeverity C
# 37482The comment buttons do not align with the comment text boxSeverity D

Download the latest version of Hansoft here.